Commercial DOOM.WAD v1.0 Extra-Hard


Commercial DOOM.WAD v1.0 Extra-Hard[1] is a modified version of DOOM.WAD v1.1, released on February 15, 1994[2] by the software pirate group TUC ("The Underworld Corporation"). Since it was released before the first node builders were available, it contains no changes to the levels apart from replacing things. It is notable for being the earliest known released Doom modification.

As the title implies, the IWAD was made "extra-hard" by replacing things with high-level monsters, powerups and weapons. The replacements are rather random and haphazard, leading e.g. to the presence of several cyberdemons and spider masterminds being stuck in scenery, at several occasions blocking the player's way and preventing them from proceeding until somehow killed.

The WAD was split into eight files (DOOM.WA1, DOOM.WA2 etc.), distributed on a set of eight floppy disks; the first disk, apart from readme files, included an installer utility to re-join the files back into DOOM.WAD.


  1. The mod does not have a single consistent name; within the accompanying text files and cracktro program it is referred to as "Commercial DOOM.WAD v1.0 Extra-Hard" (FILE_ID.DIZ), "DOOM COMMERCIAL .WAD FILE FOR EXTRA HARD PLAYERS * V1.0" (TUC_REL.EXE), "DOOM .WAD file for tha extra hard players !!!!" (TUC.NFO), "DOOM.WAD commercial replacement" (README.1ST), and "Commercial DOOM .WAD file (v1.0E)" (FILE_ID.DIZ). The E in "v1.0E" is explained to stand for "extra hard"; other letters are listed, including H for "hard", S for "soft" and W for "original", but it is unknown if any other versions besides "v1.0E" were ever released.
  2. As stated in the TUC.NFO file; the timestamp on the .WA1-.WA8 files is February 12, 1994

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