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Communications: Central Communications Tower is the eleventh level of Doom 3. The player is given the choice of either sending or canceling the transmission to the Earth fleet for backup.


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

The player exits the airlock and enters the garage of the Communications facility. Sergeant Kelly radios in and advises the Player to watch out for Campbell and Swann who are also in the area. The Player is then given the objective of reaching the Main Control Room.

In the garage, the Player defeats several Imps and Cacodemons before taking the elevator up to Communications Access. From there, he fights his way to the Lobby where he finds the access controls for the Main Control Room. He unlocks the doors and heads to the Control Room, only to discover Campbell and Swann destroying the communications equipment. By the time the Player reaches the Control Room, Swann and Campbell are gone and all the equipment is in ruins.

Sergeant Kelly comes in over the radio again, and tells the Player to head to the satellite room at the top of the tower and establish a manual connection to the satellite from there. The fastest way there is through Engineering. The Player picks up Seamus Blake's PDA from the control room, which gives him access to Engineering. He then enters Engineering and fights his way through the hordes of demons and zombies until he reaches a Security Office. Kelly radios in again and informs the Player that he's learned the demons invaded the base through the Main Portal at Delta. He wants the Player to come to Delta as soon as the message is sent.

The Player activates a Sentry Bot which leads him through the rest of the Engineering section to an elevator. The Player then rides the elevator up to Satellite Control Access. He finds Rob Finch's PDA which gives him access to the satellite control center itself. He enters the control center (suspiciously encountering no enemies along the way) and uploads the contents of the transmission card to the computer. Suddenly, Counselor Swann appears on a monitor and orders the Player to cancel the transmission. He argues that they don't know what they're dealing with and that Mars must remain under UAC control.

At this point, the Player can choose to either obey Kelly's orders and send the transmission, or follow Swann's advice and cancel it (not that it really matters in the long run).

  • If the Player chooses to send the transmission, Swann will angrily tell you that you may have just endangered the Fleet and Earth. He states that he's going to Delta Labs to stop this and warns you not to get in his way. Sergeant Kelly then radios in and congratulates you, saying that reinforcements will be here soon. He then orders you to meet him at Delta Labs.
  • If the Player chooses to cancel the transmission, Swann will praise you, stating that they need to keep this place sealed off from the outside. He then tells you to meet up with him and Campbell at the Monorail entrance. They need to get to Delta to stop this invasion. A furious Sergeant Kelly then comes in over the radio and orders you to send the transmission. This is impossible since the terminal has now been locked out by Swann. As you return to the elevator, Kelly will again order you to send the transmission, but something interferes with the COM channel and he is cut off.

Either way, the Player must get to the Monorail in order to reach Delta. He returns to the elevator and take it down to the Maintenance Area (if he goes back to Engineering, he'll find the area has caved in blocking off access). From there, he fights his back way to the Lobby and exits to the Monorail Skybridge.

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You start in the Communications Garage. One cacodemon pops out of the floor on the right. If you jump into the hole, you can retreive some items, and exit by a ladder - but doing so will cause a few imps to appear in the main garage. When you approach the elevator, one last cacodemon will spawn.

Head to Floor 3. One Z-sec opens a wall ahead, while a zombie pops out of a closet on the left. When you apporach the body, it will launch into the air as a jump scare, and a wraith will attack from the door ahead. Passing through the door spawns an imp from behind. Advance to the communications lobby, and kill the two Z-Secs. You can unlock communications access on the security terminal, which then spawns a cacodemon and a few Z-Secs.

There's a health station in Communications Access.

When you enter the communications hallway, you will be attacked from behind by a Z-Sec. Additionally, there will be a Shield Z-sec attacking from in front.

Enter the main communication room and get the PDA. When you head back to the engineering door, there's a backlit imp behind the stairs (who simply leaves), and a zombie closet to the right of the engineering door. When the zombie is released, there is also a Shield Z-Sec released from behind. Entering the closet to retrieve a med kit also spawns an imp in the room.

Enter Comm Engineering Unit 1. A zombie crawls out next to the armor. When you reach the lift, an imp climbs from the lift hole, and a Z-sec attacks from the machinery at the back. Approaching the machinery has a Z-Sec arrive from the door. You can also toss a grenade down the lift as it's likely to hit an enemy (specifically a zombie). In the next door, there's a Z-sec at ground level, and imp on the platform above, and a Z-sec taking cover at the back. In the next room, there is an imp on the left, and a zombie on the right. Heading to the lower floor will activate a few wraiths, and an imp rolls in if you approach the exit door (in addition to a zombie closet).

In the T-corridor, the exit straight ahead leads to a closet with just a monster ambush with some armor. The T-exit has an imp spawn near the door, and approaching that exit causes an imp to appear on the platform above. A few more imps in the next room, and a Z-sec approaches from behind if you grab the items near the stairs. When you reach the second lift, a body is thrown from an alcove with a few items. Collecting the items spawns an imp.

After ascending the lift, there is an imp at the top. Entering the corridor has two Z-Secs, one with a shield. Ben Wolfe has the PDA in the middle fo the floor, and there are medikits below the walkway.

In Unit 2, a Shield Z-Sec attacks from the security office ahead. Two cacodemons attack from the floor holes on the right, and one last Z-Sec attacks from the security office. Enter the office and activate the sentry to have it unlock the door to communications access. There will be a few enemies in the room after, easily handled by the sentry.

When the sentry unlocks the second door, you will be attacked by a Z-Sec from the front, and a few imps from behind. The third door has two imps teleport in, one near the door and one down the corridor. At the communication Annex, there's a major push from demons (especially cacodemons), and the following room has a wraith and a cacodemon as the last stand before the sentry reaches the elevator.

Ride the elevator to the third floor, and head to the terminal. Transmit or cancel the message, as preferred. Return to the elevator, and head to level 1. Z-sec on the left, and imp on the right. Past the door is a walkway, with two imps on the left, and a Z-sec waiting behind the door. Although there is armor on the imp's platform, it's not worth obtaining. The last room has a Z-sec, and an imp attacks when you approach the health station. Use the elevator to reach level 3.

When you return to level 3, there is one last monster closet, a Z-sec to the left of the first door. After that, you can head to the monorail in the security lobby.


  • Seamus Blake: In Main Communication Room
  • Ben Wolfe: Comm Systems, in corridor after second lift.
  • Rob Finch: Satellite Control Access, near lift.




Storage Cabinets[edit]

  • Storage Cabinet #054: 246 (found in Ben Wolfe's PDA email)

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