Communications Transfer: Maintenance and Transfer Station


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Map name: game/commoutside

Communications Transfer: Maintenance and Transfer Station is the tenth level of Doom 3. There are several outdoor areas in this level. The first cacodemon appears at the start, and the Chainsaw Zombie makes its first appearances here. The berserk powerup appears for the first out of two times in the game. The player must use a mobile service lift to get to the exit.

There are also three sections where the marine is exposed to the outdoor atmosphere.


Mars Surface: At the start of the level, you will need to activate the airlock and walk outside. There is one Cacodemon attacking from the left. Head to the right and into the airlock. Although there are some plasma cells and adrenaline in the canyon, it's not worth the effort to collect.

Service Room 1A: One zombie crawling out on the right, and a Z-Sec camps at the top of the stairs. When you approach the supplies, an Imp teleports in at the airlock. A wraith will also activate ahead, and a final imp teleports in near the supplies. Ascend the stairs and enter the door.

Service Room 1B: One z-sec behind the crate. The slamming (and red light) originates from the door one floor down, approaching it causes a jump scare. Continue under the stairs - at the end you will see one imp attack, and you'll be back-attacked by two other imps. Enter the crawlspace.

Maintenance Crawlspace: The crawl section only contains items, such as a medikit and a shotgun. When you stand, one zombie approaches from the right. Descending the ladder leads to an oxygen limited area.

Airlock Hatch 1: You fight against Trites, be sure to have the right weapon. The route to the airlock lift is forward, left turn, left turn. It will appear on the right. Call the lift, and exit the area when you can. If there's spare time, you can continue in the direction facing away from the lift. Ascending the lift is a point of no return.

Service Tunnels: Z-sec attacks from behind the crate. Entering and exiting the closet on the right (with cells) releases an imp from behind. Entering the main room has an imp attack from the upper floor behind you. A shotgun Z-sec is hiding behind the center section of said upper floor but otherwise remains inactive - if slain, a cacodemon will then spawn in the main room. Continue right, and a Z-Sec attacks at long range. You can enter the raised door section for some items. If you advance down the tunnel, two cacodemons spawn at the end of the corridor after you see the car move. In the supply area, one imp will spawn. One wraith hides near the Power Routing/Control door.

Service Room 2B: Grabbing the PDA for James Holiday releases up to two chainzar zombies, first one approaching from the right. Additional zombies appear outside the service room, and one last chainsaw zombie. With the PDA, you can enter the power relay and control.

PRC - Support Area 1 Level: The lights shut off. One zombie in alcove on the right, and another approaches from ahead. Around the corner, one imp attacks. Advance past this corner by walking backwards, to face the pinky as it spawns. When the lights turn back on, backtrack to the previously locked door. One imp attacks from the other side of the door.

PRC Maintenance: One wraith attacks from the left when you pass through this door. In the next room, one cacodemon is above the door (although it may get provoked into attacking early.) Enter the cracked-floor room and reach the ladder on the opposite end. Ascending the ladder activates a cacodemon.

Prc - Support Area 1 Level: Initially, one imp and two wraiths attack. The corridor to the left leads to supplies, but has a pinky attack from behind. Enter the right corridor, and the door on the right leads to Ron Ridge's PDA.

PRC Maintenance: At any start point, call the lift. The PDA is found at Station 1, and the destination is station 3. Two Z-secs attack at the function between station 1 and 2. At this junction, raise the lift, and use it to reach the upper section. You can also attempt to reach the next area at the catwalk directly, through creative jumping.

PRC Sub System Control: This is an optional section across from the lift exit. One zombie approaches from the front, and when you reach the consoles, a wraith from behind.

PRC Support Area 2 Level: Head along the level, ignoring the lift. You'll get attacked from behind by an imp. Cross the catwalk ahead, and a Z-Sec will run away to the right, drawing attention from the imp. Continue on the left pathway, and attack the chainsaw zombie. Unlock the lift exit, and return to the service lift. Send it to station 3.

PRC Personnel Ready Area: 50 units of health on the left, along with armor. Advance to the door, and the floor will collapse. Collect the berserk powerup, and kill the zombies that approach. When they're dead, steps form to the next area.

Service Room 3: One Chainsaw zombie. Next section is an airlock.

Mars Surface: When the airlock cycles, you get attacked by two cacodemons. Run past them, the airlock is reached by jumping off the catwalk onto the ground on the left, and running forward. Clicking the transfer button ends the level.








  • The frightening - but harmless - monster head that pops out at the player early in this level says the words, "Metus, dolor, mors ac formidonis" which is Latin for "Fear, pain, death and terror."

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