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Cover of D·1000, a typical compilation disc.

This article is a list of known commercial compilations of PWADs, shareware programs, level editors, and other utilities, which were popular in the early to mid-1990's as a result of the scarcity and cost of home Internet connections. Some of the more notable of these collections have their own articles which are linked by the compilation's name. Many of these discs can be downloaded from the Internet (see the links below). A gallery of cover art and media for these and other items can be found at shovelware cover art.


  • No. PWADs: This may be an approximation or a number created by the publisher for marketing purposes. The actual number of PWAD files and levels may vary significantly.
  • Extras: Known to include level editors, other utilities, custom graphics or sounds, FAQs and editing guides, and other bonuses.
  • Exclusives: Known to include exclusive content (PWADs, IWADs, or game resources) created by or for the publisher.
  • Shareware: Known to include the shareware version of Doom or Heretic.
Title Refs Publisher Date Supported games No. PWADs Pack-in Launcher Extras Exclusives Shareware
1001 Nights of Doom Wicked Sensations 1995
3D Game Alchemy Sams Publishing 1996 Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen Book Y
3D Super CD Gaming [notes 1] Software Solutions 1995 Doom 0 N N Y
4-Ever Doomed Cypress Software 1994
Absolute Mayhem [notes 2] Quantum Axcess 1994 Doom 51 Y N Y
Complete Doom Accessory Pack, The (Vols. I-IV) Modern Microwave 1995
D!MATCH [1] WizardWorks 1995 Doom, Doom II 500 D!
D!MATCH 150 WizardWorks Doom, Doom II 150 D!
D!ZONE [2] WizardWorks 1995 Doom, Doom II 900 D!
D!ZONE 150 [3] WizardWorks 1995 Doom, Doom II 150 D! N N
D!ZONE 2 [4] WizardWorks 1995 Doom, Doom II 1000 D! Y N
D!ZONE 2 150 [5] WizardWorks 1995 Doom, Doom II 150 D!
D!ZONE 3 [6] WizardWorks 1996 Doom, Doom II 1069 D!
D!ZONE Gold [7] WizardWorks 1996 Doom, Doom II 3000 D! Y Y
D!ZONE MAC WizardWorks 1995 Doom for Mac 2000 D!MAC
D!ZONE v1.3 WizardWorks 1994 Doom, Doom II 75 D! N
Death Match: The Ultimate Game Player's Kit Micro Star Software 1996 Doom, Doom II 7000 Y
Deathday Collection [8] Microforum International 1995 Doom, Doom II Deathday Y
DeathMatch 2 for Doom 2 [9] Simitar Entertainment 1995 Doom II
DeathMatch for Doom 1 & 2 Simitar Entertainment 1994 Doom, Doom II
Demon Gate Mega Collection [10] Laser Magic 1995 Doom, Doom II 6000 MegaEZ
Demon Gate: 666 New Levels for Doom & Doom II [11] Laser Magic 1995 Doom, Doom II 666 EasyWAD N N
Demon Gate: Over 600 New Levels for Doom & Doom II Laser Magic Doom, Doom II 600 EasyWAD N N
Demon Gate: Over 600 New Levels for Doom II Laser Magic Doom II for Mac 600 N N
Doom + Accessories 1994 Doom 500 Y N Y
Doom 1 & 2 Add-On Levels (Special Edition) Explore The World Of Software Inc. 1995 Doom, Doom II Easy Menu System N N
Doom 2 Explosion Red Hot 1995 Doom II
Doom Companion Edition [12] Laser Magic 1995 Doom 0 Y Y
Doom Construction Kit, The Waite Group 1995 30 Book Y
Doom Extras Software Solutions 1995 Y
Doom Fever Maple Media, Inc. 1995 Doom, Doom II 500 Y N Y
Doom Game Editor CD-ROM, The Wiley Publishing 1995 Doom Book Y Y
Doom Hacker's Guide, The [13] [notes 3] MIS:Press 1995 Doom, Doom II Book Y Y
Doom Heaven II Most Significant Bits 1995 Doom II 2000 Y
Doom II Extras: Down & Dirty Doom II Y N
Doom II Mania!!! [14] Tech Express 1995 Doom II 432 DOOM II Control Center Y N N
Doom Mania!!! [15] Tech Express 1994 Doom 525 Y N Y
Doom Univers Parallèls Sybex Doom, Doom II Y N Y
DoomWare Developers Network CD - Occurrence I Cytech Codehouse 1994 Y
D·1000 Gametek 1995 Doom 1000
Gaminator DP Tool Club 1994 Doom, Doom II 1390 Y Y
H!ZONE [notes 4] WizardWorks 1996 Heretic, Hexen 262 D! Y Y
Heresies: Developer's Network CD Occurrence Three Cytech Codehouse Heretic APCi Game Client
Home Edutainment Collection Volume IV, The Aztech 1995 Doom, Doom II, Heretic 1200 Y N Y
Level Master II [notes 5] Macmillan Digital Publishing USA 1996 Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen 2400 Book DoomShell 5 Y Y
Magic & Mayhem for Heretic [16] [notes 6] Laser Magic 1995 Heretic 1500 DOOM-IT N
Maximum Death for Doom II [notes 7] Quality Multimedia 1996 Doom II 2400 Maximum Death Y
Maximum Death for Heretic [17] [notes 8] Quality Multimedia Heretic 1600 Maximum Death Y
Maximum Doom id Software 1995 Doom, Doom II, Heretic 1830 DOOM-IT
MegaDoom Adventures Pacific Media WorX 1994 Doom 300 Unknown Y
MegaDoom II Pacific Media WorX 1995 Doom, Doom II, Heretic 1500 UltraLaunch Y N
PC Zone CD Edition Dennis Publishing 1995 Doom, Doom II, Heretic 1000 Magazine Y
SUPERDEAD [notes 9] Microboss 1996 Hexen Y N N
Supergames Volume 2 MediaProducts 1995 Doom 20 Y N Y
TOOM Parade, The CDV Software GmbH 1994 Doom, Doom II 150
Total Ruin Pacific Media WorX 1995 Doom, Doom II, Heretic UltraLaunch Y
Tricks of the Doom Gurus Sams Publishing 1995 Book Y
Ultimate Add On Collection for Doom & Doom II, The [notes 10] SoftKey 1995 Doom, Doom II Deathday Y N
Wads of Wads [18] CD ROM User Group (UK) Y
ZONE Sampler [notes 11] WizardWorks 1995 Doom, Doom II 50 D! N N N


  1. Shareware disc focused on 3D games. Includes both v1.2 and v1.666 of shareware Doom, and also an unauthorized IWAD hack using Wolfenstein 3-D sprites and sounds.
  2. Shareware disc with 12 action games including shareware Doom v1.2. The Doom section also includes the Doom FAQ and a selection of PWADs and utilities.
  3. Also published as Hank Leukart's Hacker's Guide to Doom.
  4. H!ZONE includes twelve custom exclusive episodes.
  5. This is a release of the 3D Game Alchemy book and disc in packaging resembling a game box. Often also referred to as Instant Doom Levels.
  6. Contains Heretic conversions of levels that were designed for Doom; no textfiles.
  7. Contains some WADs for the original Doom, but the launcher supports Doom II only and will attempt to convert them before play.
  8. Interface software developed by Head Games.
  9. Variety pack of game add-ons. Non-Doom-engine games featured include Descent 1 & 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake and Warcraft 2.
  10. This is a re-release of Deathday with only trivial changes to the CD-ROM's contents; play-wise they are identical.
  11. A sampler disc containing a reduced selection of PWADs from D!ZONE and a reduced selection of files for Sim City 2000 from S!ZONE.

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