Title screen
Author Matt Powell
Port Limit-removing
Year 2013
Link Doomworld/idgames

ConC.E.R.Ned (or ConCERNed) is a July 2013 megawad for Doom containing 27 levels, replacing the first three episodes. It was created by Matt Powell (cannonball). The plot occurs at a futuristic version of the CERN Large Hadron Collider.

Powell subsequently created the Return to Hadron series of episode replacements that are based on the ConC.E.R.Ned levels to some extent.[1] In addition, his episode 4 replacement called Thy Flesh turned into a draft-excluder is sometimes considered a sequel.


Built-in demos[edit]

This WAD features three built-in demos. All require Doom v1.9 to view them. The demo levels are:

Demo Level Skill Tics Length
DEMO1 E2M9: Blackout 4 3230 1:32.29
DEMO2 E2M6: Haunted Cellars 4 2641 1:15.46
DEMO3 E2M7: The Core 4 4216 2:00.46

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