A container item using default settings.

The container is a generic item in Doom (2016)'s SnapMap editor. It allows creation of customized pick-ups which can give any amount of ammunition, health, armor, or player resources (special per-player variables defined by the map author). External events can also be triggered on picking up the item, as with all other items in SnapMap. The numerous models available for this item include a number of options useful for implementation of custom game logic, as well as several options that help re-create items available in the game's single-player campaign.

"A container can be filled with health, armor, ammo, or player resources."
― SnapMap description

Appearance options[edit]

A primary feature of the container is the ability to customize its appearance. This is done by selecting one of the numerous available models for the item (the default is a diamond box), and then setting the color in which to render it (the default is white).

Model Notes
3D arrow
Boot Shaped like the Delta V jump-boots or lateral thrusters. Note that there is a textured interactive object consisting of the jump boots in a locker, but the boots cannot be spawned separately from the locker.
Bottle Resembles a plastic water bottle.
Buckminsterfullerene The shape of the chemical compound with formula C60, similar to a hollow soccer ball.
Burst ball
Cake Not a lie.
Crop - Large A plant with stems and leaves.
Crop - Medium
Crop - Small
Cross A shape frequently used for health pick-ups in other video game series.
Demon skull
Diamond box The default setting.
Drill Handheld power tool.
Drone A field drone. Note that SnapMap also has a fully textured and interactive version of this item.
Duffle bag SnapMap also has a textured version of this model, but it is not interactive (a trigger volume would have to be placed around it to give it any apparent behaviors).
Flag A small flag on a short pole, suitable as an alternative option for CTF-style game logic.
Glove SnapMap also has a textured version of this model, but it is not interactive.
Gold bar x1
Gold bar x3
Gold bar x6
Hat A conical party hat.
Helmet The Doomguy's helmet.
Human head Resembles the head of the UAC Spokesperson.
Human skull
Lightning A stylized lightning bolt.
Marine figurine A generic untextured version of the Doomguy collectible, which is not otherwise available in SnapMap.
PDA Similar to the datapads in the single-player campaign, and Doom 3's PDA item. This (or any other item) can be combined with a datapad message definition object and attached via the "On Picked Up" event to trigger a viewable log entry.
Pentagram Attached to a circular base. Much smaller than the demon rune.
Phone An old-fashioned land-line telephone hand set.
Spiked ball A shape often used for mines.
Teapot The famous Utah teapot used as a reference model in many rendering programs and APIs.