Crispy Doom


Crispy Doom
Codebase Chocolate Doom
Developer(s) Fabian Greffrath
Initial release 1.0 (2014-03-10, 10 years ago)
Latest release 6.0 (2023-03-31, 12 months ago)
Development status Active
Written in C
Target Platform Cross-Platform
License GNU General Public License v2+
Website Crispy Doom
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Crispy Doom is a source port developed by Fabian Greffrath forked from Chocolate Doom which provides a higher display resolution, removes the static limits of the Doom engine, and offers further optional visual, tactical and physical enhancements while remaining fully compatible with the configuration file, save games, netplay, and demos created by the vanilla engine. It aims to provide a faithful Doom gaming experience while also featuring some user-requested improvements and enhancements.



  • Enhanced 640x400 display resolution, with the original 320x200 resolution still available in the "High Resolution Rendering: Off" mode.
  • Widescreen rendering for using all the available horizontal space of screens with aspect ratios up to 24:9.
    • Support for Widescreen Assets pack from Bethesda
  • Uncapped rendering framerate with interpolation and optional vertical synchronization (VSync) with the screen refresh rate.
  • Intermediate gamma correction levels (0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5).
  • Removal of all static engine limits, or at least raising of the less crucial ones.
  • Full support for the Doom Classic WADs shipped with Doom 3: BFG Edition, including the No Rest for the Living expansion.
  • Support for all versions of John Romero's Episode 5: SIGIL for Ultimate Doom.
  • Ability to organize the Master Levels WADs into an episode as if they were MASTERLEVELS.WAD.
  • Support for MBF sky transfers.

User options[edit]

  • Jumping.
  • Free vertical looking, including mouselook and vertical aiming.
  • Aiming support by a crosshair which may be directly rendered into the game world.
  • A new minimal Crispy HUD, displaying only the status bar numbers.
  • Clean Screenshot feature, enabling to take screenshots without burning the status bar and HUD messages into them.
  • Colorized status bar numbers, HUD texts and blood sprites for certain monsters.
  • Translucency for certain sprites and status bar elements in the Crispy HUD.
  • Randomly mirrored death animations and corpse sprites.
  • Command line options to allow for playing with flipped player weapon sprites and/or entirely flipped level geometry.
  • Players may walk over or under monsters and hanging corpses.
  • Centered weapons when firing, weapon recoil thrust and pitch.
  • Reports whenever a secret is revealed.
  • Level statistics and extended coloring in the automap.
  • Playing sounds in full length, and misc. other sound fixes.
  • Demo recording and/or playback timers and progress bar.
  • Demo continue and take-over features, handing controls over to the player when demo playback is finished or interrupted.

All of these features are disabled by default and need to be enabled either in the in-game "Crispness" menu, via the crispy-doom-setup tool or as command line parameters. They are implemented in a way that preserves demo compatibility with vanilla Doom and network game compatibility with Chocolate Doom.

Crispy Doom strives for maximum compatibility with all limit-removing vanilla maps, but does not support Boom or ZDoom maps. Many additional less user-visible features have been implemented, including repair of game engine limitations and bugs, full support for DeHackEd files and lumps in BEX format, additional and improved cheat codes, an improved automap, and more. Due to the extra DeHackEd states added from MBF and DEHEXTRA, Crispy Doom supports enhancer mods that can make the gameplay even more pleasing to the eyes. For a detailed list of features and changes, please refer to the change log.

Other games[edit]

Crispy Heretic, Crispy Hexen, and Crispy Strife are also available and support a subset of the aforementioned Crispy Doom features.

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