Crucified Dreams


Crucified Dreams
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Authors Various
Port Boom-compatible
Year 2006
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward.png This mod received one of the 2006 Cacowards on Doomworld in the Mordeth category!

Crucified Dreams is a Doom II deathmatch megawad released on June 16, 2006, for Boom-compatible engines. It is a spiritual sequel of GothicDM, GothicDM 2, and Gothic 99. A handful of its team members also contributed to the previous releases. The project was originally started by Scott "Covaro" Cover in 1998 and completed by Derek "Afterglow" MacDonald, eight years later.

At the 2006 Cacowards ceremony it was declared one of the ten winners, and understandably also picked up the Mordeth Award.


Levels for the WAD were made by:

Music for the WAD was written by:

Level list[edit]

Map name Author(s)
MAP01: Verdigris in Limbo Anthony Soto/Derek MacDonald
MAP02: Final Judgement Derek MacDonald
MAP03: The Great Below (Sunk) Derek MacDonald/Malcolm Sailor
MAP04: Epiphany Jonathan Rimmer
MAP05: Epitaph Michal Mesko
MAP06: Chimerical Bombination Michael Watson/Derek MacDonald
MAP07: Burn Out Derek MacDonald
MAP08: Slippery Slope Andy Kempling/Derek MacDonald
MAP09: Disposed Brad Carney/Derek MacDonald
MAP10: Anti David Gevert/Derek MacDonald
MAP11: Tarantism Lee Szymanski
MAP12: Sperziebonen Met Slagroom Wouter van Oortmerssen
MAP13: Tattered and Torn Derek MacDonald
MAP14: Decadence Derek MacDonald
MAP15: Oblique Reverie Nick Baker/Derek MacDonald
MAP16: Hydrophobicity Derek MacDonald
MAP17: Inverse Entropy Scott Cover/Derek MacDonald
MAP18: Tenebrism Derek MacDonald
MAP19: Entombment Travers Dunne/Derek MacDonald
MAP20: Tempest in Your Mind Nick Baker/Malcolm Sailor/Derek MacDonald
MAP21: Terra Incognita Tommie Quick
MAP22: Massive Bereavement Travers Dunne/Derek MacDonald
MAP23: Dacia Qingshuo Wang/Derek MacDonald
MAP24: Fracture Travers Dunne/Derek MacDonald
MAP25: Dakyne Chris Martin/Derek MacDonald
MAP26: Faith Erebus Kim Malde
MAP27: Raze the Roots Kerkko Välilä
MAP28: The Stand Chris Lutz
MAP29: The Final Cut (Gunner's Dream) Travers Dunne/Derek MacDonald
MAP30: The Final Cut (Requiem) Derek MacDonald
MAP31: Switchback Scott Cover
MAP32: A Certain Trigger Qingshuo Wang/Derek MacDonald
MAP33: Tarantism (Vanilla) Lee Szymanski/Derek MacDonald
MAP34: Agitate Nick Baker/Malcolm Sailor
MAP35: Slot Herdom David Gevert
MAP36: Run-Around Jonas Feragen
MAP37: Blemish Goä Born Jill
MAP38: Of the Room David Gevert
MAP39: Crucify This! Seth "Rhoq" Gordon/Derek MacDonald
MAP40: Rawhide Yashar Garibzadeh
MAP41: On the Edge of Madness Derek MacDonald
MAP98: Crosswalk Derek MacDonald
MAP99: Displaced Derek MacDonald

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