Cryogun weapon and pickup in MAP11: Notus Us!. Notice the reticle.

The cryogun is a weapon from the game Hacx. It is a shoulder-mounted ice cannon with a special aiming reticule. It is almost as fast as the tazer, but it does much more damage, and is generally compared to the Doom super shotgun for the damage done.

The power of this weapon makes it one of the most essential weapons in the game. It is strong and fast enough to take care of most (if not all) the enemies that appear in the game. However, this also means it requires a lot of ammo.

It uses the same type of ammunition as the tazer, cartridges.


Cryogun data
Weapon number 3
Damage 5-15 (per pellet)
100-300 (theoretical total)
150-225 (with vanilla RNG)
Included ammo 8 (16 on skill 1 & 5)
Max ammo 50 (100 with valise)
Ammo type Cartridges
Shot type Hitscan
Shots per minute ?
Sound DSDSHTGN (firing)
Appears in Hacx
Thing type 82 (decimal), 52 (hex)
Radius 20
Height 16
Sprite SGN2 (before pickup)
SHT2 (wielded/firing)
PUFF (impact, miss)
BLUD (impact, hit)
Class Weapon
Weapons from Hacx
Slot: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Kick Pistol Tazer Uzi Photon 'zooka Stick Nuker
Hoig Reznator Cryogun