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Cultist Base
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The Cultist Base is the third level of Doom Eternal. The Doom Slayer must hunt down the second of the three Hell priests, Deag Ranak.

The mecha zombie, mancubus, shield soldier, whiplash and cueball enemies are introduced in this level (along with the prowler via a Slayer Gate encounter), as well as the rocket launcher and super shotgun weapons.

"With the Celestial Locator now in your possession, you are able to pinpoint the locations of the remaining Hell Priests. Deag Ranak, leader of the UAC division responsible for Earth's invasion, has been located at the remote Cultist arctic base. Infiltrate the encampment and neutralize Ranak."
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Infiltrate the Cultist Base
Obtain your Super shotgun


Pull the Crystal
Acquire a Sentinel Crystal.
Armored Rain
Ignite 4 demons in a single blast of the flame belch.
Master of Turrets
Destroy an Arachnotron's turret.

Secret encounter[edit]

  1. On a side of the bloody room: 24 seconds to kill a cacodemon and a couple of fodder monsters.
  2. Behind a cracked ice wall in the mine room near the climbable cylinders: 24 seconds to kill various demons.

Special items[edit]

  • 6 extra lives
    1. On the first dopefish, lifted when the mine is destroyed
    2. To the right of a corridor, reachable by opening a shootable gate and doing some dash-climbing platforming.
    3. In the second dopefish, reachable from a monkey bar hanging out of a cliff below the main path.
    4. High in the center of the inner base's entrance, reachable by releasing monkey bars from a punch button on the right end of the corridor.
    5. Behind the spiked crusher walls
    6. In the third dopefish, in a cave visible below
  • 3 soulspheres
    1. Behind the platform used to reach the rune.
    2. Above one of the spiky crushers in the hellgrowth fleshy room
    3. Appears where the Deag Ranak hologram was after killing all the zombie cultists in the worship room


  • 1 modbots
    1. On the main path after the whiplash encounter
  • 1 Sentinel crystal
    1. In the center of the bloody room.
  • 5 Praetor suit points
    1. At the exit of the button-activated swinging-blade corridor.
    2. Behind a cracked wall in the corridor from the modbot
    3. At the lowest level of the paired elevators
    4. Opposite the main path exit in the room with a giant rotating skullbox
    5. On the right end of the corridor in the final area of the map, just past the point of no-return
  • 1 Codex pages
    1. "Cultist Base" in the start room
  • 3 Sentinel battery
    1. High above the entrance of the tunnel leading to the base proper
    2. On the left end of the corridor at the entrance of the inner base
    3. Reached by dropping down from the top level of the paired elevators
  • 1 rune
    1. Above the button raising a monkey bar, reachable using said monkey bar
  • 1 Slayer key
    1. In the area with the giant crucified demon, reached by going underground and platforming with monkey bars, dashing, and climbwalls
  • 1 Empyrean key
    1. The Slayer Gate is just below and to the side of the exit to the Slayer key room; it needs to be accessed before progressing further on the main path
  • 2 toys
    1. "Gargoyle" on a giant skull hanging from a crane, near the start
    2. "Soldier (Blaster)" behind a cracked grate in the perpetual falling-blade corridor
  • 1 cheat code
    1. "IDDQD" above the middle of the demon crate room
  • 1 album
    1. "Into Sandy's City" in the hellgrowth flesh room with the spiky crushing ceilings


A cleaning robot turning toward the player.

This is the first level to feature cleaning robots, an environmental piece that returns in many subsequent levels.