Cyber-mancubus (Doom Eternal)


A cyber-mancubus.
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The cyber-mancubus, a cybernetics-enhanced version of the regular mancubus, returns as a monster in Doom Eternal, this time sporting more complete armor and green skin.[1] Thanks to the new destructible demons system, its armor can be broken off.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Instead of launching fireballs like the regular mancubus, the cyber-mancubus uses a corrosive secretion which can be fired directly at targets as a projectile or launched as a fluid; the fluid is especially dangerous as it will create pools that linger for several seconds and damage you if you stand inside them. Unlike its counterpart from the previous game, the cyber-mancubus can also slam its cannons into the ground and create a pool of fluid around itself to repel attempts to fight it up close.

The cyber-mancubus has reinforced arm cannons which cannot be destroyed, leaving it a higher-level attack threat until killed. Pieces of the body armor can be shot off with sustained fire to make it more vulnerable, while a single direct blood punch will completely destroy the armor; however, you will need to freeze the mancubus with an ice bomb or falter the mancubus with a frag grenade or similar weapons first or you risk being hit by its ground-slam. A frozen cyber-mancubus will die to a blood punch and one blast from the super shotgun.

Killing a cyber-mancubus with a glory kill to its chest will cause it to explode, damaging other nearby demons.


The cyber-mancubus has an integrated weapon system that utilizes its body's naturally-occuring biotoxins, refining these corrosive substances into a toxo-plasmid feed; the secretion is siphoned from the spinal gland and funneled intravenously to the weapon conversion system before being discharged by an alternating firing mechanism.



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