Cyber-mancubus (Doom Eternal)


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A cyber-mancubus.
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The cyber-mancubus, a cybernetics-enhanced version of the regular mancubus, returns as a monster in Doom Eternal, this time sporting more complete armor.[1] Thanks to the new destructible demons system, its armor can be broken off.

Tactical analysis[edit]

A single blood punch completely destroys its armor. Unlike the normal mancubus, its reinforced arm cannons cannot be destroyed, leaving it a higher-level attack threat until killed. Unlike its counterpart from the previous game, it is capable of using its flamethrowers to repel attempts at fighting it up close. Because of the temptation to use blood punch to shatter its armor, newer players are prone to getting hit with its dangerous ground pound attack. It is recommended to use the ice-bomb or any weapon that falters the demon (grenade, remote detonation rocket, etc.) to create an opening to get close. A frozen cyber-mancubus will die to a blood punch and one blast from the super shotgun.



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