DBP63: Terminal Voltage

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DBP63: Terminal Voltage
Title screen
Authors Doomer Boards community
Port Limit-removing
Year 2023
Link Doomworld forums thread

Terminal Voltage is a nine-level episode replacement for Doom II designed for limit removing source ports, created by various members of the Doomer Boards community, led by Jon Vail (40oz). It is the 63rd entry in the ongoing Doomer Boards Projects. Work on the project was carried out during September, October and early December 2023. The first version was released on December 7, 2023.[1] The project theme is techbase maps with lightning bolts.


The mod uses a DeHackEd patch to change level names and create ambient sounds. It is also used to create special effects associated with animated flats, like splashes and smoke when walking on lava (additionally provided by the DECORATE lump). GAMEINFO, ZMAPINFO, UMAPINFO, SNDINFO, and TERRAIN lumps are also included, as well as a custom status bar.

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