DEACC is a decompiler for Hexen's BEHAVIOR lumps, which turns the bytecode generated by ACC back into human-readable code in the ACS language. It was written by Luc Cluitmans. It was first released as v1.0 on November 21, 1995, and the final v1.1 was released on December 5, 1995. It features 100% accurate decompilation of Raven Software's ACS bytecode, meaning that, for the original game's files, the resulting scripts can be re-compiled via ACC and will result in the same bytecode generation. DEACC is a command-line program for MS-DOS and OS/2.


As with all decompilers, certain limitations exist in the generated source code:

  • Variable names cannot be recovered.
  • Comments cannot be recovered.
  • Some logic structures may alias each other when compiled to bytecode and thus may decompile to different but logically equivalent ACS source code (for example certain combinations of if, loops, and the break and continue keywords).
  • Because of its age, the program does not understand any source port extensions to ACS.

Revision history[edit]

v1.1 was released primarily to repair an error with decompiling scripts which contained string variables. Some additional undocumented bug fixes were included.

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