DMClub (IRC channel)


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#DMClub was an IRC channel founded on the premise of allowing people to set up and play Doom multiplayer games. It was founded on the OFTC IRC network on the 31st of July, 2005, by Ryan Nematollahi (hobbs). The other founding members are Przemysław Woda (Belial), Ryan Barreras (DomRem), and Blair Cahue (killingblair).

Regulars on the channel included Melissa McGee (Agent Spork), Alex Meyers (Apothem), Dean Joseph (deathz0r), Lee Wallis (DooMAD), Ivar Remøy (jallamann), Samuel Villarreal (Kaiser), Stephen Finniss (Siggi) and Tango as well as the founding members.

#DMClub's conversation was often humorous and sarcastic, and as with most IRC channels, very little was taken seriously. The topic was fairly random, though talk of Doom and activity in the community forums were common.

The channel no longer exists after OFTC decided to purge several Doom related channels from their network in 2009.

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