Demonstration of DMMPST generating map statistics of Planisphere 2

DMMPST is DooM MaP StaTistics, a command-line tool written in C by Frans P. de Vries (Xymph) to generate statistics (map data, things, secret sectors and more) of Doom, Doom 64, Heretic, Hexen and Strife levels. DMMPST differs from other WAD statistics utilities in that it was created specifically for Doom Wiki, producing output that can be copied directly into map pages. Additionally it can produce appearance statistics directly suitable for thing pages, and list basic statistics of stock levels. The initial public release, of version 1.2, occurred on October 10, 2016.


Doom Wiki map pages contain various statistics such as numbers of structural elements (vertices, linedefs, etc.) and secret sectors, as well as thing counts depending on skill level. Historically this data was obtained via tools like WadWhat/WadSpy, DMPSMU, and—most commonly—the statistics feature of DeePsea. It was manually transcribed into pages, resulting in inconsistent or incomplete organization and formatting of the information, and occasional errors. And presumably because of their complexity, thing tables for Hexen maps had never been compiled at all.

In May 2016, Doom Wiki staff set a goal of establishing a new standard for filling things tables, and DMMPST aims to meet this goal in most aspects. Its development commenced in July 2016 and was chronicled extensively, with the first public release appearing in October 2016. DMMPST is now the recommended tool to prepare Things tables and full skeletons for almost all map pages on Doom Wiki.


Demonstration of DMMPST generating appearance statistics for the Baron of Hell
  • Supports Doom, Doom 64, Heretic, Hexen and Strife IWADs and PWADs
  • Supports Boom thing flags, Boom/ZDoom/Doom 64 generalized secret sectors, Doom 64 secret things, and Doom 64 TC secret/shrine linedefs
  • Supports Doom-in-Hexen format levels (also if mixed with Doom format levels within the same PWAD) and limit removing maps
  • Supports UDMF WAD format levels (but no PK3/7 archives)
  • Generates output files based on Doom Wiki templates that are suitable to copy directly into a page's Map data, Things, and—together—Statistics sections
  • Generates output files that are suitable to copy directly into a page's Secrets section
  • Generates output files that are suitable to copy directly into a page's Player spawns section for deathmatch or Capture the Flag
  • Generates entire map skeletons that are suitable for the creation of new map pages
  • Displays basic statistics about a map: its dimensions, structure counts, and secret sectors/things
  • Notifies about things that have no skill level flags defined, to assist in describing them in a page's Bugs section
  • For Strife stock levels, translates generic actors (acolytes, rebels, peasants, beggars) into characters specific to each level
  • For Doom, Heretic and Strife things, generates a single-player (SP) table and a multiplayer (MP) table; if Boom things format is enabled, generates cooperative (coop) and deathmatch (DM) tables instead of the MP table
  • For Hexen things, generates three single-player tables for the cleric, fighter and mage classes, as well as coop and DM tables
  • Optionally excludes all SP and coop tables to generate only the MP or DM table for deathmatch-only levels
  • Optionally excludes all SP tables to generate only the MP or coop and DM tables for multiplayer levels
  • Optionally splits the MP-only/DM table into two columns, especially useful for Hexen & Deathkings and Strife: Veteran Edition map pages
  • Optionally displays the additional Things existing in coop or MP mode when compared to SP mode
  • Automatically disables coop or DM tables if no coop or DM starts exist, respectively; or disables the MP table if neither exist
  • Optionally allows to specify maps by a non-standard marker, typically for UDMF levels
  • Optionally allows to change and/or add custom Things that are specific to the pertaining PWAD via a mapping file
  • For any combination of things tables, wiki-links entries such that only the first of each unique link is applied
  • Counts aggregate things (cooperative starts and voodoo dolls) in Doom, Heretic and Strife maps
  • Displays ZDoom's SecretTrigger things and each matching thing or linedef that invokes it
  • As an alternative to the above map-related features, generates appearance statistics of thing types for one or more IWADs (e.g. the BFG9000), or lists sortable statistics of the maps in one or more IWADs
  • Includes source code for compilation on Linux, and 32/64-bit executables for Windows Command
  • Includes example shell scripts and batch files to generate Statistics sections for all IWAD levels

This page lists all supported classes and things per game.

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