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DM ADD Something, also known in an abbreviated form as DMADDS, is an early Doom and Doom II editing utility created by Bernd Kreimeier, with the final version 1.1 released on November 20, 1994. It is a MS-DOS command-line utility designed to handle merging of sprites and flats into PWADs, working around limitations with those lump types without modifying a user's IWADs.

Editor usage[edit]

DMADDS utilizes its own proprietary "DWAD" format (standing for "Distribution PWAD") as an intermediate container for an editor's resources. Empty starter files were provided with the program. Use of DMGRAPH was suggested for editing the intermediate file by converting source graphics from some raster format, such as GIF, to Doom's internal picture format. Running DMADDS on the assembled file would then leave it in a distributable state, ready for end users to use DMADDS again later to merge it with the full list of sprites and/or flats from their local IWAD file. Including the DMADDS11.EXE file inside the package was suggested so that a separate download would not be required.

Inclusion of other resources inside the DWAD was discouraged, as the author states testing had not been done with such contents present. It is also warned that use of DMADDS with altered IWADs might render unexpected results.

End-user usage[edit]

After downloading a PWAD package stating that DMADDS needs to be run and unpacking it, an instruction file would usually be provided (such as a README.TXT file), and sometimes, for end-user convenience, pre-written commands would be stored inside a batch file (often named INSTALL.BAT).

When not included, it was possible to obtain directions on running DMADDS directly from its own README file, or by using the command


to review the online help. Assuming the incomplete WAD file needing combination with IWAD resources is named INCOMPLETE.WAD and is in the current working directory, and the Doom IWAD is present at D:\DOOM\DOOM.WAD, one would run the following command to produce the patched, complete file:



Filename Description
dmadds.exe Main executable file. Created with DJGPP 2.5.7 and COFF2EXE. A GO32 DOS extender is self-contained.
empty_s.12 An empty sprite replacement DWAD for 1.2
empty_f.12 Floor replacements
empty.12 Floors and sprites
empty_s.166 Same as empty_s.12 but for Doom v1.666 registered.
empty_f.166 Empty flats replacement DWAD for v1.666
empty.166 Sprites and flats for v1.666
ghosts.166 A simple demo file
shrink.166 Generates a copy of DOOM.WAD v1.666, removing approximately 800 KB of duplicate sound and music entries
empty_s.ii Same as empty_s.166, but for Doom II
empty_f.ii Floors for Doom II
empty.ii Floors and sprites for Doom II
dmadds11.txt Read-me file
invis.gif A zero height and width picture used with DMADDS 1.0

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