This article gives technical information about the Doom/Ultimate Doom data file. For gameplay information and walkthroughs, see Doom.

DOOM.WAD is the IWAD used by Doom, The Ultimate Doom, the BFG Edition, and the pre-release builds.

Latest versions[edit]

Version 1.9 of the registered Doom WAD is 11,159,840 bytes in size, is dated 1995-02-01, and contains 2,194 entries. It has the following hashes:

Hash type Hash code
MD5 1cd63c5ddff1bf8ce844237f580e9cf3
SHA-1 7742089b4468a736cadb659a7deca3320fe6dcbd
CRC-32 723e60f9

Version 1.9ud of the Ultimate Doom WAD is 12,408,292 bytes in size, is dated 1995-05-25, and contains 2,306 entries. It has the following hashes:

Hash type Hash code
MD5 c4fe9fd920207691a9f493668e0a2083
SHA-1 9b07b02ab3c275a6a7570c3f73cc20d63a0e3833
CRC-32 bf0eaac0

The BFG Edition version is 12,487,824 bytes in size, contains 2,312 entries, and has the following hashes:

Hash type Hash code
MD5 fb35c4a5a9fd49ec29ab6e900572c524
SHA-1 e5ec79505530e151ff0e6f517f3ce1fd65969c46
CRC-32 5efa677e

Older versions[edit]

Version File date Size (bytes) Entries MD5 SHA-1 CRC-32
1.1 1993-12-16 10,396,254 2,074 981b03e6d1dc033301aa3095acc437ce df0040ccb29cc1622e74ceb3b7793a2304cca2c8 66457ab9
1.2 1994-02-17 10,399,316 2,045 792fd1fea023d61210857089a7c1e351 b5f86a559642a2b3bdfb8a75e91c8da97f057fe6 a5da8930
1.666 1994-09-01 11,159,840 2,194 54978d12de87f162b9bcc011676cb3c0 2e89b86859acd9fc1e552f587b710751efcffa8e f756aab5
1.8 1995-01-20 11,159,840 2,194 11e1cd216801ea2657723abc86ecb01f 2c8212631b37f21ad06d18b5638c733a75e179ff 8d242df9

Pre-release builds[edit]

Version File date Size (bytes) Entries MD5 SHA-1 CRC-32
0.2 1993-02-04 496,250 198 740901119ba2953e3c7f3764eca6e128 89d934616c57fe974b06c2b37a9837853a89dbbc 2587d97b
0.3 1993-02-28 1,901,322 670 dae9b1eea1a8e090fdfa5707187f4a43 df8ffe821a212d130ae48cf2c23721bd0ee6543b f97fe671
0.4 1993-04-03 2,675,669 859 b6afa12a8b22e2726a8ff5bd249223de 5f78b23fbffc828f5863ecff7e908d556241ff45 c8a8b5ea
0.5 1993-05-23 3,522,207 1,099 9c877480b8ef33b7074f1f0c07ed6487 d3648d720b5324ce3c7bf58cf019e395911d677e 8fe33445
Beta 1993-10-04 5,468,456 1,493 049e32f18d9c9529630366cfc72726ea 692994db9579be4201730b9ac77797fae2111bde ff9bd960

Console versions[edit]

Port Size (bytes) Entries MD5 SHA-1 CRC-32
Doom Classic Unity port 1.0 12,468,955 2,307 232a79f7121b22d7401905ee0ee1e487 f770111ca9eb6d49aead51fcbd398719b462e64b 46359dfb
Doom Classic Unity port 1.1 12,468,955 2,307 21b200688d0fa7c1b6f63703d2bdd455 08ab2507e1d525c4c06b6df4f6d5862568a6b009 346a4bfd
Xbox 12,538,385 2,318 0c8758f102ccafe26a3040bee8ba5021 1d1d4f69fe14fa255228d8243470678b1b4efdc5 ff1ba733
PlayStation Network 12,474,561 2,307 e4f120eab6fb410a5b6e11c947832357 117015379c529573510be08cf59810aa10bb934e 3f646587
Xbox 360 BFG Edition 12,474,561 2,307 7912931e44c7d56e021084a256659800 d6a9f0172eca101471128ec61be975361f2ad28e 6010fd43
XBLA standalone 12,475,196 2,307 72286ddc680d47b9138053dd944b2a3d 37de4510216eb3ce9a835dd939109443375d10c5 b8583cd5
Doom for Pocket PC
named doom1.wad
14,445,628 2,305 88ce96442d269ef515b39fe34f08a9b7 23a3a8bfafcfdc7c481f282cf2a3d03e5f386d43 0874d1c3


The BFG Edition variant of the DOOM.WAD file is inappropriately marked as a PWAD. This will cause some source ports to malfunction or to issue warning messages when using it.

Doom Eternal includes a copy of the PlayStation Network version of DOOM.WAD (along with the version of DOOM2.WAD) under its install directory, in base/classicwads.

During installation of Doom for Pocket PC, the WAD is modified to include extra bytes at the end of the WAD as part of the copy protection.

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