This article gives technical information about the shareware Doom data file. For level information and walkthroughs, see Knee-Deep in the Dead.

DOOM1.WAD is the IWAD used by the shareware version of Doom. It is a cut-down version of DOOM.WAD which contains only the first episode. Later on, "Doom 1" became a retronym for Doom after the release of Doom II.

Version 1.9 is 4,196,020 bytes in size, contains 1,264 entries, and has the following hashes:

MD5 f0cefca49926d00903cf57551d901abe
SHA-1 5b2e249b9c5133ec987b3ea77596381dc0d6bc1d
CRC-32 162b696a

Older versions[edit]

Version Size (bytes) MD5 hash sum CRC-32
1.0 4,207,819 90facab21eede7981be10790e3f82da2 eedae672
1.1[note 1] 4,274,218 cea4989df52b65f4d481b706234a3dca 289f4d3f
1.1 4,274,218 52cbc8882f445573ce421fa5453513c1 981dcebb
1.2 4,225,504 30aa5beb9e5ebfbbe1e1765561c08f38 bc842626
1.25 4,225,460 17aebd6b5f2ed8ce07aa526a32af8d99 225d7fb1
1.4 4,261,144 a21ae40c388cb6f2c3cc1b95589ee693 f5c2708d
1.5 4,271,324 e280233d533dcc28c1acd6ccdc7742d4 8653b0eb
1.6 4,211,660 762fd6d4b960d4b759730f01387a50a1 f26dcad8
1.666 4,234,124 c428ea394dc52835f2580d5bfd50d76f 505fb740
1.8 4,196,020 5f4eb849b1af12887dec04a2a12e5e62 331ebf07



  1. Earlier release published on 1993-12-15, quickly superseded by 1.1 released 1993-12-16. (Source)