This article gives technical information about the Doom II data file. For gameplay information and walkthroughs, see Doom II.

DOOM2.WAD is the IWAD used by Doom II.

Latest versions of Doom II[edit]

Version 1.9 is 14,604,584 bytes in size, is dated 1995-02-01, and contains 2,919 entries. It has the following hashes:

Hash type Hash code
MD5 25e1459ca71d321525f84628f45ca8cd
SHA-1 7ec7652fcfce8ddc6e801839291f0e28ef1d5ae7
CRC-32 ec8725db

The BFG Edition version is 14,691,821 bytes in size, contains 2,935 entries, and has the following hashes:

Hash type Hash code
MD5 c3bea40570c23e511a7ed3ebcd9865f7
SHA-1 a59548125f59f6aa1a41c22f615557d3dd2e85a9
CRC-32 927a778a

A version of Doom II from packaged with the vanilla engine contains a modified IWAD with similar resources as the BFG Edition. It is 14,603,212 bytes in size, contains 2,919 entries, and has the following hashes:

Hash type Hash code
MD5 97573aaf26957099ed45e61d81a0a1a3
SHA-1 f1b6ba94352d53f646b67c01d2da88c5c40e3179
CRC-32 62fd057f

Older versions[edit]

Version File date Size (bytes) Entries MD5 SHA-1 CRC-32
1.666g 1994-08-29 14,824,716 2,934 d9153ced9fd5b898b36cc5844e35b520 a4ce5128d57cb129fdd1441c12b58245be55c8ce c08005f7
1.666 1994-08-29 14,943,400 2,956 30e3c2d0350b67bfbf47271970b74b2f 6d559b7ceece4f5ad457415049711992370d520a e2a683bd
1.7 1994-09-21 14,612,688 2,919 ea74a47a791fdef2e9f2ea8b8a9da13b 78009057420b792eacff482021db6fe13b370dcc 47daeb2e
1.7a 1994-10-18 14,612,688 2,919 d7a07e5d3f4625074312bc299d7ed33f 70192b8d5aba65c7e633a7c7bcfe7e3e90640c97 952f6baa
1.8f 1994-12-01 14,607,420 2,914 3cb02349b3df649c86290907eed64e7b d510c877031bbd5f3d198581a2c8651e09b9861f 27eaae69
1.8 1995-01-20 14,612,688 2,919 c236745bb01d89bbb866c8fed81b6f8c 79c283b18e61b9a989cfd3e0f19a42ea98fda551 31bd3bc0

Console versions[edit]

Port Size (bytes) Entries MD5 SHA-1 CRC-32
Doom Classic Unity port 1.0 14,668,180 2,920 e7395bd5e838d58627bd028871efbc14 9b39107b5bcfd1f989bcfe46f68dbc1f49222922 897339a7
Doom Classic Unity port 1.1 14,685,607 2,920 7895d10c281305c45a7e5f01b3f7b1d8 b723882122e90b61a1d92a11dcfcf9cbf95a407e 22c291c8
Xbox 360 BFG Edition 14,677,988 2,931 f617591a6c5d07037eb716dc4863e26b b7ba1c68631023ea1aab1d7b9f7f6e9afc508f39 1350e452
XBLA standalone 14,685,034 2,931 43c2df32dc6c740cb11f34dc5ab693fa 55e445badd63d8841ebea887910c26c62c7f525e 3f2b4852
Xbox Resurrection of Evil 14,683,458 2,931 a793ebcdd790afad4a1f39cc39a893bd 1c91d86cd8a2f3817227986503a6672a5e1613f0 218030c8
PlayStation Network 14,599,800 2,919 4c3db5f23b145fccd24c9b84aba3b7dd ca8db908a7c9fbac764f34c148f0bcc78d18553e 7755acfc
Tapwave Zodiac 14,639,397 2,923 9640fc4b2c8447bbd28f2080725d5c51 2cda310805397ae44059bbcaed3cd602f4864a82 541a97c2


The BFG Edition variant of the DOOM2.WAD file is inappropriately marked as a PWAD and the TITLEPIC lump is missing. This will cause some source ports to malfunction or to issue warning messages when using it.

The Nintendo Switch version is the same as the Unity 1.0 version.

Doom Eternal includes a copy of the version of DOOM2.WAD (along with the PlayStation Network version of DOOM.WAD) under its install directory, in base/classicwads.

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