This article gives technical information about the Doom 64 data file. For gameplay information and walkthroughs, see Doom 64.

DOOM64.WAD is the IWAD used by the 2020 ports of Doom 64.

Version File date Size (bytes) Entries MD5 SHA-1 CRC-32
1.0 2020-03-20 15,103,284 1,668 e16e17f59afe7b3297f53ebe7e9de815 ae363db8cd5645e1753d9bacc82cc0724e8e7f21 cb10a53d
1.1 2022-02-24 15,103,212 1,668 0aaba212339c72250f8a53a0a2b6189e d041456bea851c173f65ac6ab3f2ee61bb0b8b53 65816192


Doom64 EX's built-in wadgen utility produces an alternative IWAD for Doom 64. It is neither compatible with the official ports, nor has a stable output depending on version and input N64 ROMs.

The WAD from the remaster has also been modified using editors to make it compatible with EX in order to utilize port-specific features such as mouselook or to play on unsupported platforms such as Linux. A patcher was posted on the Steam forums but as of May 2022 is no longer functional. The Lost Levels also remain incompatible. It has since been made compatible with the Doom64EX-Plus port fork as of version 3.6.0.