DOOM: A Megawad in Two Weeks


DOOM: A Megawad in Two Weeks
Title screen
Authors Various
Port ZDoom
Year 2007
Link Doomworld/idgames

DOOM: A Megawad in Two Weeks is a 16-level megawad for Doom II and the ZDoom source port, released on March 22, 2007 by members of the Doomworld community, led by Alexis Aiello (Vegeta). As the name implies, this project was built over the course of two weeks, and includes three new boss enemies via DECORATE – despite this though, the WAD otherwise follows the classic Doom gameplay formula.


Custom monsters[edit]

The WAD includes three new boss enemies defined through the DECORATE lump:

A giant spider-like enemy which fires a large slime projectile, which upon detonating scatters several cacodemon fireballs all around. It has 3500 hit points (thing type 30002).
Super cyberdemon
A cyberdemon wielding twin rocket launchers and firing in patterns similar to the mancubus. It has 8000 hit points (type 30001).
The brain
A massive spider mastermind with a rocket launcher, which fires volleys more than a dozen rockets at various angles. It has 10000 hit points (type 30003).

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