DOOM Barracks Zone


DOOM Barracks Zone
Title screen
Authors Tails, Mario, Howie
Port ZDoom
Year 2010
Link Download from official site

DOOM Barracks Zone (more commonly called DBZone) is a episode replacement by Tails, Mario and Howie, members of the DOOM Barracks clan and mapping team, primarily comprised of players from Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is meant for ZDoom-based source ports, and contains nine maps primarily aimed towards cooperative multiplayer, but fully playable in single player as well. Development of DBZone started in 2006, with the release of home.wad by Tails, which later evolved into the first map of the episode, DOOM City. The PWAD furthermore has several changes via DeHackEd and DECORATE: many of the vanilla enemies are made to attack or move faster, and a new weapon and monsters are also included.


Custom weapon[edit]

The WAD includes a new weapon, dubbed the blue railgun, which replaces the chainsaw in-game, and fires a railgun attack at the cost of 10 cells per shot.

Custom armor[edit]

The new silver armor maxes out the armor percentage to 200, like the megaarmor, but also absorbs 99 percent of damage, far more than the latter's 50 percent.

Custom monsters[edit]

A set of new enemies, dubbed "mercenaries", using marine sprites and utilizing the same arsenal utilized by the player, appear as regular enemies across the WAD, alongside four new bosses (three variants of Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog and a new type of cyberdemon)

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