DOOM Graphic Editor


DOOM Graphic Editor
Developer(s) Bill Neisius
Initial release 0.1 (1994-02-08, 29 years ago)
Latest release 1.1d (1994-11-02, 29 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Target Platform DOS

The DOOM Graphic Editor, also known in short as DMGRAPH, is an early Doom WAD editing tool created by Bill Neisius. Its final version, v1.1, was released in May 1994. It is a MS-DOS command-line utility focused on extraction and insertion of graphics.


  • v0.1 was released on February 8, 1994. It is the first release.
  • v0.2 was released on February 16, 1994.[1]
  • v0.3 was released on February 28, 1994.
  • v1.0 was released on March 7, 1994.
  • v1.1 was released on May 3, 1994.
  • v1.1d was released on November 2, 1994. It is the final release.



Using the -e parameter will cause DMGRAPH to extract the lump to the file indicated in the next parameter. Types supported for extraction are GIF and PPM (chosen using the -t parameter, or inferred from the file's extension). The extraction routine will not overwrite existing files. As offset positions can be stored by these output file formats, offsets from patches will be maintained.


Files in GIF or PPM formats can be inserted into the DOOM.WAD file or into a PWAD file (specified by using the -f parameter). Offsets can be specified or overridden by using the -i parameter to specify a pair of "insertion point" coordinates. Input graphics are restricted to a resolution of 320x200 or less.

Full usage[edit]

DMGRAPH graphic_name [-s graphic_file] [-e graphic_file] [-i insert_point] [-v] [-d] [-b] [-t type] [-f pwad] [-r] [-c]

graphic_name:   Graphic name from DOOM directory
-s          :   Store graphic_file into DOOM WAD. Input file resolution must be 320x200 or less
-e          :   Extract graphic from DOOM WAD. Will not overwrite existing file
-i          :   Insertion point (x,y). Default is middle of bottom line (x/2,y)
-v          :   Verbose list of graphic size, insertion point, allocation
-d          :   Display graphic on screen
-b          :   Use black for background color
-t          :   Graphic format type: GIF or PPM
-f          :   Alternate WAD file (PWAD)
-r          :   Remove graphic from alternate WAD
-c          :   List contents of WAD


Extract SKY1 graphic in GIF format:

DMGRAPH SKY1 -e sky1.gif

Store SKY1 graphic in a PWAD:

DMGRAPH SKY1 -f graph.wad -s sky1.gif 


  • DMGRAPH originated the common practice of using the color cyan, with an RGB value of (0, 255, 255), to indicate transparency in source graphics targeting conversion to Doom's internal format. This convention was adapted by later tools such as DeuTex.
  • Methods for use of sprites and flats inside PWADs had not yet been discovered when DMGRAPH was completed. As such, it provides no special support for them and states in its README file that such use is impossible.

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