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Daisy on the Inferno end screen.

Daisy was the Doomguy's pet rabbit. The rabbit's head is shown in the end picture of Episode 3: Inferno, impaled on a pike as evidence that the hellspawn have come to Earth, but the rabbit is not specifically identified as the Doomguy's pet.

In the end picture of Episode 4: Thy Flesh Consumed, the rabbit's head reappears in the Doomguy's hand. The preceding text mentions that "someone was gonna pay for what happened to Daisy, your pet rabbit." Due to the lack of any previous mention of this in the Episode 3 text, this would appear to be an example of retconning.

The original episode 3 ending sequence does not appear in most console ports of Doom. In the Game Boy Advance port, the ending of episode 4 is uniquely displayed instead, even though that port contains no other resources from Ultimate Doom.

Other appearances[edit]

  • Daisy makes an appearance in Action Doom in the final level, which takes place at Deimos due to unforeseen events that took place at the "Union Aerospace Laboratory". She is animated, and runs around Doomguy's base in space; the player cannot harm Daisy in any way.
  • She also appears as a cheat skin of past versions of Skulltag.


  • Many players perceive the pike as being an arm holding up the head, due to its flesh-like coloration. The most common interpretation is that it is the Doomguy's hand, since he is later seen with it in the ending to Thy Flesh Consumed.