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The dash pickup

The dash is an ability introduced in Doom Eternal which allows the Doom Slayer to move horizontally at high speed. The dash is first acquired in the form of a glowing artifact found in Exultia.


Dashing gives the Slayer a short burst of speed while also removing any vertical momentum. It can be used to dodge incoming attacks, make long jumps or as a weak melee attack via dashing into an enemy. Dashing towards a climbable surface will make the Slayer grab on to it automatically, and dashing into a cracked wall will make the Slayer smash through it.

The dash can be used twice in quick succession before it must recharge - while the dash can recharge in mid-air, it will not recharge fully until the Slayer has landed. The Slayer can also find golden glowing capsules known as "dash pickups" in certain locations, which instantly and fully recharge the dash meter allowing him to make very long jumps.


The following upgrades affect dashing and are unlocked by spending Praetor suit points:

  • Faster Dasher - Dash refills more quickly
  • Hit and Run - Dash refills on glory kills.