A datapad.

A datapad is a small electronic device, somewhat resembling Doom 3's PDA, which occurs in the single-player campaign of Doom (2016). Datapads hold data log messages which are recorded to the player's codex when the datapad is collected. Datapads are silver with blue trim, and project a holographic UAC logo over their screens.

The second and any subsequent data log entries for most monsters and weapons are acquired from datapads, whereas the first entries are acquired automatically by encountering the item or creature. Finding all datapads unlocks the Historian achievement.

There are between one and five datapads in each level, except for Argent D'Nur, which has none.

Datapad locations[edit]

Level Title Codex entry
Site 03 A Brief History Environments - The UAC I
Site 03 Welcome to Mars Environments - The UAC II
Resource Operations To New Advocates Environments - Resource Operations
Resource Operations - Monsters - Possessed Security II
Foundry Foundry Team Manifest Environments - Foundry
Foundry - UAC Personnel - Samuel Hayden I
Foundry - Monsters - Imp II
Argent Facility Exterior Opportunities Environments - Argent Facility I
Argent Facility - UAC Personnel - VEGA II
Argent Facility - Monsters - Hell Razer II
Argent Facility - Monsters - Hell Knight II
Argent Energy Tower Tier 2 Manifest Environments - Argent Energy Tower
Argent Energy Tower - Monsters - Revenant II
Argent Energy Tower - Monsters - Summoner II
Argent Energy Tower Argent Energy II Environments - Argent Energy Tower II
Kadingir Sanctum The Expedition Environments - Kadingir Sanctum
Kadingir Sanctum - Artifacts - Doom Marine
Kadingir Sanctum - Monsters - Mancubus II
Kadingir Sanctum - UAC Personnel - Olivia Pierce I
Argent Facility (Destroyed) - Monsters - Baron of Hell II
Argent Facility (Destroyed) Calm Under Pressure Environments - Argent Facility (Destroyed)
Argent Facility (Destroyed) - UAC Personnel - Samuel Hayden II
Argent Facility (Destroyed) - Monsters - Mancubus III
Argent Facility (Destroyed) - Monsters - Cacodemon II
Advanced Research Complex Tier 3 Manifest Environments - Advanced Research Complex
Advanced Research Complex - UAC Personnel - Samuel Hayden III
Advanced Research Complex - Weapons - BFG-9000 II
Advanced Research Complex - Weapons - BFG-9000 III
Lazarus Labs An Important Message Environments - Lazarus Labs
Lazarus Labs - Database - Elite Guard II
Lazarus Labs Specimen CD587-1 Monsters - Cyberdemon I
Lazarus Labs Specimen CD587-2 Monsters - Cyberdemon II
Lazarus Labs - UAC Personnel - Olivia Pierce II
Titan's Realm - Monsters - Pinky II
Titan's Realm - UAC Personnel - Olivia Pierce III
Necropolis - Monsters - Cyber-Mancubus II
VEGA Central Processing - UAC Personnel - VEGA III
VEGA Central Processing - Monsters - Revenant III
VEGA Central Processing - Monsters - Cyber-Mancubus III
VEGA Central Processing Artificial Intelligence Environments - VEGA Central Processing


It is possible to create custom datapads in SnapMap by using the datapad model for the container pick-up item and attaching a datapad message object to its "On Picked Up" event output. Custom datapad messages can also be triggered in response to any other event without involving the container if desired. Note that SnapMap data log messages are not recorded permanently, however, and can only be viewed once unless the trigger to show them is made repeatable - one way to do this is to create an event that respawns the datapad, so that the player can collect it again.