David Gevert (Dagger)

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David Gevert (alias Daggah, formerly Dagger and Blitzr4) is an American level designer and texture artist known for creating deathmatch maps. He uploaded six deathmatch PWADs to the idgames archive in 1998 along with his only single player offering Earthbase3. During this time he took part in multiple team projects including speedmapping megawad Surge DM that features three of his level submissions.

He founded SlaughterDM, intended as a 32-level megawad with new custom weapon sprites. An unfortunate series of hard drive crashes and team departures hampered progress which caused the project's scope to be scaled back. In May 1999, Dagger left the SlaughterDM team and passed the project lead role over to Blain Newport. His lost levels did not appear in its December 1999 release but it did include custom textures created by David.

When Dagger left the Doom community, he submitted his last BRICK7-themed deathmatch layouts to Gothic 99. "Among the Lost" was retextured using GothicDM textures and completed by Martin Friberg (Cocoon). The second level "Anti" was later completed by Derek MacDonald (Afterglow) and added to 2006's Crucified Dreams. The bonus levels packaged with Crucified Dreams also include two of Dagger's lost SlaughterDM maps recovered from an old backup.

Body of work[edit]