Deag Nilox


The Doom Slayer seizes Deag Nilox by the throat.
Deag Nilox (at right) before his corruption in the Doom Slayer's flashback.

Deag Nilox is one of the three Hell priests appearing in Doom Eternal, a former member of the sacred Argenta Order of the Deag, a priesthood originally founded upon worship and study of the Elemental Wraiths and later rededicated to veneration of the Maykrs. Deag Nilox is encountered and eliminated almost immediately at the beginning of the game in Hell on Earth.

"You! My soul remains guarded... You can't..."
― Deag Nilox


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

Unlike the other two Hell priests, almost nothing is known about Deag Nilox - his Codex entry describes him as spiteful and cruel, frequently capturing people alive so their still-living blood can be used in his rituals. He can be seen in the Doom Slayer's flashbacks in the priest's temple and later again at Sentinel Prime during his capture by the Night Sentinels, and examines the Outlander's helmet closely along with Deag Ranak. He also appears in pages of the Ligra Sultagenta observing the Outlander being held in chains, and later acting in concert with the other Hell priests to trap and kill the elite of the Sentinels. In The Ancient Gods, Part One, he is identified as the creator of the turrets which serve to guard important areas and allow him to view distant locations.

At some point before the beginning of Doom Eternal, the Slayer obtains the token which guards Deag Nilox's soul. After VEGA locates the priest's signal in New York City moving toward the Deagic Council, the Doom Slayer takes a slipgate directly into the priest's Hell barge. Moving rapidly through the mobile temple, the Slayer finds Nilox, seizes him by the throat, and shows him the token. The Slayer then chokes Nilox with one hand and continues to crush his neck further as he experiences a flashback. Once the flashback has concluded, Nilox's head has been ripped off completely, and the Slayer sardonically adjusts the priest's crown.

The Slayer carries Deag Nilox's head to the Deagic Council aboard the Citadel, where he tosses it to Deag Ranak and Deag Grav when they question how he entered their meeting. The two gasp, and Deag Grav in particular appears visibly distressed by the fate of his cohort.

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