Changing wall textures in DeePsea

DeePsea is a Doom level editor and WAD resource manager. It has full support for Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, Strife and any source port via custom configuration files. 3D texture alignment uses a variant of the Risen3D GL port, R3Dedit. Since R3Dedit is based on Risen3D, it is able to provide a view of a level with normal skies, as well as optionally showing the placement of all sprites.

It was developed by Jack Vermeulen of SB Software, and was originally a shareware application before being made free in 2018. For the unregistered version, there was no time limit, but the maximum size of levels a user can create was limited to 800 linedefs or 1200 sidedefs. DeePsea's development appears to have stalled after 2011.

DeePsea features[edit]

All PWAD tools are unlimited in the shareware version.

  • Map editor with 3D texture alignment (supports both line drawing or sector drawing)
  • Level error checking
  • Lump management tools
  • Create PWADS and IWADS
  • Import/Merge/Export any file (including WADS) with duplicate error checking
  • Direct picture format image editor, with support for tall patches
  • Texture editor
  • Palette editor
  • Colormap editor
  • Script editor and compiler
  • Sound and music playback
  • Automatic regular or GL node generation using DeePBSP
  • Automatic list of all textures used in a level or PWAD
  • Open dialog browser shows the contents of WADS without having to open them
  • Show detailed level statistics

In addition, pressing the F7 key allows the user to access almost every feature within the program.

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