Delta Complex: Union Aerospace Research Division


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"It's up to you now. Take my PDA, it's got what you need. Good luck."
― Elliot Swann [source]

Delta Complex: Union Aerospace Research Division is the twenty-first level of Doom 3. From hereon, there will be no more zombies other than commandos. The ticks make their first and only appearance.


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

The Player arrives back at the Main Portal in Delta which shuts down soon after he arrives. Betruger addresses the Player claiming that he's too late and that Hell no longer needs the Delta teleporter. The Hell Gate will bring millions of demons to Mars. Once the Fleet from Earth arrives, Betruger and his minions will seize their ships and use them to invade Earth.

Once more the Player has lost his weapons on the journey back from Hell (with the exception of the Soul Cube) and must collect them all again. He journeys through familiar parts of the Delta Complex, and eventually comes across a wounded Counselor Swann. Swann tells him that Sergeant Kelly has been converted over to the demons' side and is no longer human. Campbell has gone after him. Swann tells the Player that the Hell Hole resides in the underground caverns and that it must be closed before the Fleet arrives. He gives the Player his PDA which will allow him access to the CPU complex.

The Player makes his way to the entrance to the CPU complex, fighting Arch-Viles, Commandos, and a Revenant along the way. After he defeats all the enemies, he uses Swann's PDA to gain access to the CPU complex.

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  • If the player jumps off the destroyed bridge and falls to their death, Betruger will be heard laughing.

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