Delta Labs - Level 2b: Union Aerospace Research Division


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Delta Labs - Level 2b: Union Aerospace Research Division
Map name: game/delta2b

Delta Labs - Level 2b: Union Aerospace Research Division is the seventeenth level of Doom 3. This level marks the first appearance of the Arch-Vile and also introduces Dr Elizabeth McNeil to the game's storyline. While she does not make an appearance in this game (she makes her first in-game appearance in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil), her PDA can be found in her office. There is also a Martian Buddy Cabinet in this level containing a BFG9000. It's the second time one can get the BFG9000.


The marine starts in the teleporter landing zone after using the teleporter from the southern part of sector 2. Soon the marine discovers a locked door leading to the Bio Research Division, but the key is found in one of nearby rooms. The marine proceeds through the area, and after a lengthy journey finds another survivor: a scientist named Michaels, who is doing an autopsy of a captured imp's body and trying to understand its physiology, though he has not discovered anything useful so far. The marine proceeds further and finds more captured specimens kept in reservoirs with water, including a head and a spine of a large, yet unseen monster.

The next area the marine has to traverse is not lit by any lights, so the marine has to activate a specimen conveyor that will illuminate path for them. After that, the marine reaches the room where the Soul Cube was studied, including a special analysing device. A couple of rooms further, the exit to sector 3 is found.


Teleporter Chamber
Research Entrance
Observation Access
Teleport Observation
Service Area
Data Control Terminal
Service Area 007
Maintenance Corridor
Central Processing
Common Area Access
Common Area
Research Lab Corridor
Supply Lift Access Floor 1
Supply Lift Floor 1
Supply Lift Floor 2
Supply Lift Access Floor 2
Upper Office Corridor
Ventilation Duct
Specimen Research Lab
Research Control
Stasis Chamber
Stasis Control Junction
Maintenance Area 4
Stasis Transfer
Stasis Transfer Control
Stasis Transfer 002
Lift Access Floor 1
Lift Floor 1
Lift Floor 2
Lift Access Floor 2
Analysis Corridor
Service Area 001
Analysis Control
Research Control Corridor
Technical Director Office
Secure Storage
Level 3 Access


BRD access card needed
Obtain authorization for entry into the Biological Research Division
Second floor access
Find alternate path for access to the second floor



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The amount of enemies is the same on all skill levels. The only change in the monster amount in BFG Edition is the removal of a single imp from the level.

Monster Amount
Zombie 5
Imp 43*
Tentacle commando 12*
Chain gun commando 3
Arch-vile 4

* Some imps and tentacle commandos are spawned by arch-viles and thus their amount can vary. Here only the amount of distinct spawn points is shown.


The amount of items is the same on all skill levels. There are no changes in the amount of items in the BFG Edition.

Item Amount
Plasma gun 1
BFG 9000 1
Bullets (large) 1
Shells (small) 6
Shells (large) 3
Clip (small) 3
Clip (large) 9
Grenades 1
Cells (small) 8
Cells (large) 6
Rockets (large) 3
BFG cell 1
Med kit (small) 4
Med kit (large) 7
Armor shard 28
Security armor 11
Adrenaline 1
BRD access card 1

There are also five health stations on the level, four with 100 health in reserve, and one with 50 (all of them have 100 health in BFG Edition).

Starting inventory[edit]

If the player starts the level via a console command, they will start with these items:

Item Amount
Shotgun 1
Machine gun 1
Chain gun 1
Plasma gun 1
Rocket launcher 1
Chainsaw 1
Bullets (large) 1
Shells (large) 1
Clip (large) 1
Ammo belt 1
Grenades 3
Cells (large) 1
Rockets (large) 1

Locker/door codes[edit]

For the sources of the codes, see Doom 3 locker codes.
  • Storage locker #103 - Security Storage: 259. Contains: med kit (large), shells (small) x2, cells (small) x2.
  • Storage locker #216 - Security Storage: 624. Contains: bullets (large), shells (large), cells (large).
  • Storage locker #217 - Security Storage: 624. Contains: security armor, hand grenades, BFG cell.
  • Storage locker #213 - Security Supplies: 371. Contains: shells (large), clip (large), cells (large).
  • Storage locker #666 - Open With Caution: 372. Contains: imp, security armor.
  • Storage 07: 725. Contains: Martian Buddy locker, health station, security armor, shells (large), clip (small), clip (large), cells (small) x3, rockets (large).
  • Martian Buddy locker: 0508. Contains: BFG 9000, security armor.


  • There is a secret tunnel under the first lift the player has to use. To access it, press the button for the lift to ride up, then quickly step out of it, and the tunnel will become accessible. After collecting the items use the nearby control panel for the lift to return.
  • In Stasis Control Junction the player will hear calls for help. There's a maintenance shaft the player can access by pressing a control panel in that room. The scientist who called for help will be murdered by an imp, but the player can grab his PDA, and there's a ladder near his body which leads to some items.
  • In the dark area with specimen conveyor, there are items hidden in the dark and under the staircases. However, one should be careful: picking up a plasma gun located there will lead to an ambush by three imps.


  • On the original Xbox version of the game this level is shorter and is called Delta Labs - Level 2 South.


External links[edit]

  • Walkthrough video by WoopzillaWalkthrough (part 1; part 2) on YouTube. Veteran difficulty; part of a full game run.