Delta Labs - Level 2b: Union Aerospace Research Division


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Delta Labs - Level 2b: Union Aerospace Research Division is the seventeenth level of Doom 3. This level marks the first appearance of the Arch-Vile as well as the Hell Knight - albeit the latter being a partial specimen only. This level also introduces Dr Elizabeth McNeil to the game's storyline. While she does not make an appearance in this game (she makes her first in-game appearance in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil), her PDA can be found in her office. There is also a Martian Buddy Cabinet in this level containing a BFG9000. It's the second time you can get the BFG9000.


Video disks[edit]




Cabinets and Doors[edit]

  • Cabinet #103: 259
  • Storage Cabinets #216 and #217: 624
  • Cabinet #213: 371
  • Cabinet #666: 372 (Warning: Imp inside)
  • Storage Room: 725
  • Martian Buddy Cabinet: 0508
  • Sector 3 Access: 463

External links[edit]

  • Walkthrough video by WoopzillaWalkthrough (part 1; part 2) on YouTube. Veteran difficulty; part of a full game run.