Delta Labs - Level 4: Union Aerospace Research Division


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"Your Hell awaits!"
― Malcolm Betruger [source]

Delta Labs - Level 4: Union Aerospace Research Division is the nineteenth level of Doom 3. Hell Knights are introduced in the cutscene.


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

The level begins with Betruger taunting the player, gloating that the Soul Cube is in Hell and will never be found. The Player enters Delta Level 4, and finds bloody skeletons littering the hallways. Worse, demoralizing messages have been written on the walls in blood.

The Player finds the Main Portal in Delta, encountering only a couple of Chainsaw Zombies along the way. Betruger is waiting in the control room above. He activates the Portal and summons a pair of Hell Knights who are chasing a scientist in a biohazard suit. The Hell Knights kill the scientist and then turn their attention to the Player.

The Player battles and kills both Hell Knights. However, the Portal's energies expand and suck the Player into it, transporting him to Hell.

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  • Jack Gibert





  • Cabinet #104: 579

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