Delta Labs - Unknown: Union Aerospace Research Division


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Delta Labs - Unknown: Union Aerospace Research Division
Map name: game/deltax

Delta Labs - Unknown: Union Aerospace Research Division is the eleventh level of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. The player revisits various areas from Doom 3 that have been corrupted by Hell. This is the most unique level in all of Doom 3, because the entire Delta Complex is in constant dimensional flux with Hell and shows a horrifying alternate version of the area every few seconds and warps the player's vision. Bloody skeletons appear when in flux with Hell and can be interacted with until the flux stops. Ticks return for this level and bony zombies only appear here.

In the BFG Edition, this level does not fluctuate with Hell.


The marine teleports to Delta Labs - Level 3. The entire facility constantly alternates between its normal and Hell-corrupted state, and is filled to brim with monsters. The marine fights his way from Teleport Station 3 to the bridge where a warp to Administration is found. In Administration he finds a warp to Delta Labs - Level 2 and from there he warps to Delta Labs - Level 4, where he enters the portal to Hell.


Delta Teleporter
Use the Delta Teleporter in order to reach the shores of Hell.






The enemy count is the same on all difficulty levels. Includes only enemies that can be fought and killed.


* The flashlight pickup is inaccesible. It is located in closed vent shaft in Teleporter 4 Main Chamber and is most likely a leftover from the original game's Delta Complex level where it was located in the same spot.

Starting inventory[edit]

If the player starts the level via a console command, they will start with these items:

Item Amount
The Artifact 1
Grabber 1
Flashlight 1
Pistol 1
Shotgun 1
Double barrel shotgun 1
Machine gun 1
Chaingun 1
Plasma gun 1
Rocket launcher 1
BFG9000 1
Grenades 1
Backpack 1*

* Contains bullets (50), shells (50), clip (60), ammo belt (60), grenades (16), cells (100), rockets (10), BFG cell (4).

Locker codes[edit]

For the sources of the codes, see Doom 3 locker codes.
  • Storage locker #116 - Supplies: 634. Contains: cells (small) x3.
  • Storage locker #117 - Supplies: 634. Contains: shells (small) x2, ammo belt.


  • In Chamber 3 Terminal one can jump through a window to Security Station 3 to get some supplies.
  • Likewise, in the Executive Office Access walkway there are two areas where the player can jump over the railing to the lower floor to get more supplies, and jump back using crates. However, if the player jumps down to the Data Library, a vulgar will spawn and attack.


  • This level is divided in two parts on the Xbox version of the game.
  • When the player arrives in Delta Sector 2b, the room is heavily corrupted with hellgrowth and a hellish landscape is visible through a small crack in the wall. In the BFG Edition, however, there are significant missing wall textures resulting in an entire wall being absent.


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