Demon Destruction


Demon Destruction game play in progress.
High score table. References to the release dates of Doom and Doom 3 are evident.
This article is about the mini-game from Doom (2016). For the gore mechanic from Doom Eternal, see Destructible demons.

Demon Destruction is a mini-game in Doom (2016) which can be found on a computer terminal in the office of Dr. Olivia Pierce in the Lazarus Labs. It appears to have been the last program which Olivia was using before she decided to unleash the Hell wave that started the invasion, as the terminal states that the game has been placed in suspended mode and can be resumed. Doing so allows the player to play the game.

Demon Destruction is a match-three puzzle game in the style of Bejeweled and Candy Crush, with its alliterative name being an explicit reference to the latter popular mobile game. The pieces are all monsters from the classic Doom series and must be eliminated by moving pieces so that the monsters align into rows or columns of three or more. Matching exploding barrels will result in an explosion which eliminates many surrounding pieces at once for increased score.

The high score table of the game contains multiple Easter eggs, many of which are references to other Doom games. The game uses the same background as Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3, a screenshot of E4M9: Fear, and features graphics based on the classic status bar, including the Doomguy's face. It also plays assorted Doom and Doom II music tracks at random.

High scores[edit]

All high scores besides Olivia Pierce's are of id Software employees.

idMOM_DJ 12101993
Donna Jackson, Doom's release date of December 10, 1993.
Olivia P. 9261983
Olivia Pierce, Atari video game burial of September 26, 1983.
K-C1OUD 5132016
Kevin Cloud, Doom (2016)'s release date of May 13, 2016.
Tevis 3410100
Tevje Rørvik
RGL-9000 2014630
Roberto Garcia-Lago, and his hire date at id Software on 2014-June-30.
RPADuffy 832004
Pat Duffy, Doom 3's release date of August 3, 2004
ShaleVomit 666666
Unknown id employee, number of the Beast twice.
Tenacious_Diaz 592014
Mark Diaz, and his graduation date of May 9, 2014 from Full Sail University.


  • Pieces sometimes do not fully fall into place to replace ones which have been destroyed, remaining in the row above their proper position. Once this happens, it will persist for the rest of the current game, and new pieces moved into the problematic locations will move to the wrong row visually. The problem is cosmetic only - the pieces can still be matched against as if they were in the correct locations.
  • It is possible to cause the high score table to remain on-screen during a game by toggling in and out of the game too quickly. If this happens, one of the existing high scores will additionally flash as if it is a new entry when a game is completed.
  • The high score is not remembered between games.
  • The baron of Hell makes the cyberdemon's death sound instead of its own proper death sound effect.