Demon Eclipse


Demon Eclipse
Intermission screen of Demon EclipseIntermission screen of Demon Eclipse
Authors Amuscaria
Port GZDoom
Year 2006
Link Doomworld/idgames

Demon Eclipse is a two-episodes long mod for Doom II, created by Eric Ou (Amuscaria). Originally intended to be a set of five different episodes totaling around 30 maps, the project had a troubled development history and saw significant reworks over time, culminating in a two episode release with 12 maps on the idgames archive on September 9, 2006. Afterwards, development slowed down during production of the third episode, culminating in a series of canceled reboots and new beta versions until development for the project was dropped and work began on a reboot and successor called Hell-Forged, of which the first episode was released in 2019.

Demon Eclipse is built for the GZDoom engine and takes advantage of many of its features, such as advanced mapping features like ACS, 3D floors and slopes, and new monsters and weapons done through DECORATE. It is split into two episodes: "Doorway to Abaddon", which is largely composed of UAC techbases, and "Pandemonium Fortress", which takes place in Hell. Each episode has a diverse cast of thematically appropriate enemies, such as cybernetically enhanced demons in the first episode and dark fantasy–themed beasts and warlocks in the second one, and notably, the set of weapons and items the player encounters are almost wholly unique between each episode, with the first having a more traditional set of UAC-issued weapons, whereas the second episode lets the player use demonic weapons and artifacts.


Just a few months ago, you were a proud sergeant within the military. Your life took a turn for the worst when your convoy ran over a mine and you ended up in the hospital, barely alive. But you're tough, you made it through and recovered eventually. However, when you went back, they told you were no longer fit enough to be in command. Thanks to your past accomplishments, the military decided to cut you some slack. They referred you to the UAC, a global corporation that is the leader in technology research and currently runs the show on Mars. The UAC is known to have a contract with the military and supplies them with the latest prototype weapons; some of which you've used before. They recently constructed a series of facilities on the outskirts of the desert to "cut down on research costs". Who knows why they built the thing?

You landed yourself a job as a security guard. Driving around the UAC compound 50 times was an usual day's worth of work. You were bored out of your mind and felt that your life has ended at the age of 30... then the incident happened, and your life was once again changed forever. From out of nowhere, a distress call came from Mars, where the UAC was doing its most shadowy research - Something about demons invading through portals and all sorts of mumble-jumble. Mars was apparently under attack by an unknown force and the UAC wasn't ready to lose the red planet for anything. They gathered up a group of the toughest marines and decided to take the place back from whatever attacked them. It was also an opportune time to test out their new gateway system that linked the two planets. Just as the gateways connected, and the marines were about to go through, a giant spider-like creature stepped through. It ripped the marines and scientists in front of it apart with his two massive auto-cannons while causing massive destruction from what seemed to be a BFG 9000. A horde of strange creatures followed it through the gate and reeked terror on the unsuspecting marines. The creatures quickly took over the gateway control facility and fanned out to the nearby compounds quickly. Many were slain only to have their corpses somehow reanimated.

You were on your 10th loop around the UAC compound when you got radio distress calls for back up. You did what you knew how to do best - kick ass. You fought you way through to the command station to see what was going on. News of the incident reached out fast and the UAC compound was locked down within a matter of hours. All roads to and from the site were shut off and anyone trying to go in or out was shot on sight. When you made it to the command station, you learned of the gateway and the beasts running through it. You didn't know what to make of it. Then you heard from the military about the quarantine policy and it involved nukes. You didn't survive the mine just to be killed by army's own nukes now. The only way out was through that gateway. You don't know where it would take you, or if you were even survive long enough to get to it. But anything is better than being turned into radioactive vapor. You gathered all the ammunition you could find and prepared for the fight of your life...


Monsters and other changes[edit]

New weapons[edit]

The player will find different weapons depending on the episode, except for the fist and the basic pistol, which are the starting weapons. The chainsaw (twin-bladed like in Doom 64) shotgun, super shotgun, chaingun, rocket launcher, plasma rifle and BFG 9000, despite looking different and having slightly different behavior, behave largely the same as their vanilla counterparts. The following list includes weapons that are unique to the mod rather than being based directly on their Doom counterparts. Note that some of these weapons are unused in the actual levels, but are still fully functional and accessible if placed in any map.

Very similar to the regular shotgun but with one key difference: this weapon only needs to reload after firing 16 shots.
Homing rocket launcher
A dual rocket launcher which, as the name implies, fires two rockets that home in on the player's targets.
A short-range, rapid fire weapon which unleashes devastating jets of flame, which upon hitting a target, or the ground, generate a static fire that damages everything around it before dissipating. Care should be taken as the jets of fire and static fire all can damage the player as well.
Similar to several other implementations of this weapon, the railgun of Demon Eclipse however has three different firing modes, depending on how long the trigger is held for. They vary in power, with the red (weakest) shot costing five plasma ammo, the yellow (medium) shot costing ten, and the blue (strongest) shot costing 15.
Plasma repeater
A very powerful, rapid-fire weapon which fires explosive hitscan plasma blasts. It has to cool down after prolonged use.
A plasma weapon with two main functions. The first launches an extremely powerful projectile which launches lightning bolts around itself while traveling, and releases further projectiles around itself upon exploding on contact. However, you can also you can keep the shot charged at no ammo cost, which temporarily turns the device into a powerful melee weapon.
Pyrocannon prototype
This weapon fires a single projectile which causes a massive explosion on impact, releasing several more explosions around itself and launching projectiles into the air which upon impact turn into the same type of fire that is generated by the flamethrower.
Vorpal blade
A powerful hellish sword, which after hitting enemies ten times, charges up to deliver a devastating ranged attack.
Gargoyle wand
Similar to the pistol in role, but firing projectiles instead of hitscan. When powered up, it fires three projectiles at once.
Blood bane
An odd organic device ejecting damaging, hitscan blood. When powered up, it ejects less blood, but deals much more damage and is capable of gibbing enemies.
Demon shredder
A sort of skeletal demonic face with an orb in the center, the shredder fires powerful, piercing acid at short range, but the attack dissipates over long distances. Additionally, it is also able to slowly generate ammo on its own. When powered up, the attack becomes much more large and powerful, but still cannot travel long distances.
Demon skull
A magical, demonic skull which fires twin piercing blue projectiles. When powered up, it instead unleashes three sets of ground-traveling piercing spikes which deal high damage to targets, but cannot hit flying enemies.
A skeletal hand emanating with mysterious energy, the soulleech fires hitscan attacks which, when hitting enemies, spawn souls which travel back towards the player and restore health upon making contact. When powered up, the attacks become stronger and the amount of health regained also increases.
A sinister scepter holding captive souls in its red sphere, the Hellstaff fires explosive projectiles which do not however damage the player. When powered up, the projectile it fires itself releases multiple further explosions around it on impact.
Hellforge cannon
This rapid-fire demonic contraption launches a fast-moving projectile which, upon impact, fires four other projectiles all around it. When powered up, the weapon will be slower but the resulting projectile will instead unleash a devastating rain of exploding projectiles above whichever location it hits.
Soul Reaver
Among the most powerful of the demonic weapons, the Soul Reaver fires four powerful projectiles, alongside a sphere which releases homing souls that will attack enemies constantly before disappearing, very similarly to the Wraithverge from Hexen. When powered up, the weapon fires more projectiles than normal.
Another blood-based weapon similar to the Blood Bane, the Gorewyrm has two firing modes: the first is similar to the Blood Bane's but with much greater power and limited range, whereas the second one fires a steady stream of fast-moving blood projectiles which deal high damage. When powered up, both attacks become much stronger.
Another weapon that utilizes two firing modes. The first one delivers a very quick stream of deadly poison balls, while the second one is slower but fires projectiles which explode upon impact, releasing further poison attacks in the air and around itself. When powered up, the first mode fires slow moving projectiles which cause toxic rain to fall down on the area, very similar to the Heretic Hellstaff, whereas the secondary mode instantly unleashes a series of poisonous clouds in the targeted area, damaging all enemies around.
An extremely powerful weapon with once again two firing modes. The first one will unleash a barrage of fast red lightning from the sky against any enemy on screen, whereas the second one fires a red energy ball which spawns lightning on its sides while traveling, and will attach itself to walls and enemies, dealing continuous damage, for a short while upon impact before dissipating. When powered up, the lightning strikes and balls are much larger and deal more damage.
A weapon seemingly made of steel and molten lava, the Incinerator also has two firing modes. The first one fires twin large fireballs which home in on enemies, whereas the second mode fires jets of fire similar to the flamethrower, but these do not generate static fire nor do they damage the player. When powered up, the first mode fires two even more powerful homing fireballs which also generate a rain of explosive meteors on their path to the enemy, whereas the secondary fire mode unleashes a series of fast-moving fire columns covering a large area.
New monsters[edit]

DE also offers a large bestiary of new monsters, each designed for the new maps. Many of the monsters were recycled and/or inspired from the old Hellstorm mod. Some monsters were removed, some added, and others modified as the mod progressed. Below is a list and a brief description of their behavior, listed as they appear in DECORATE.

Blood fiend
Stronger cousins of the pink demons; tougher, faster, more fierce, and with the ability to spit toxic blood projectiles.
Shadowy versions of the blood fiend, these demons have all the strengths of their kin, but much harder to see.
Small drone cubes designed to patrol the halls of the Pandemonium Fortress for intruders. They attack in groups with volleys of hellfire.
This ghostly enemy phases out when stalking its victim, revealing itself only when they are in range to attack.
Archon of Hell
If you thought the barons of Hell were tough, wait until you meet these guys. They not only can throw multiple projectiles of the same type as the barons', but they can also launch deadly, fast-moving comets.
Cindered relatives of the pain elemental, the infernos belch out explosive spheres of magma and hellfire.
Shredded spirits of the damned, they crave for a chance to have their revenge on the living. They can possess fallen demons, using their new bodies to hunt.
Death incarnate
A deadly skeletal construct from the Hellforge that spits seeker projectiles, similar to that of the revenant.
Hades sphere
Manifestations of Hell's evil in the form of glowing orbs of chaotic energy. They detonate themselves when close to their victim.
Evolved through the powers of the Moloch, selected arch-viles have grown into these crimson demons, whose mastery of hellfire has been greatly enhanced.
Burning cinders of once majestic creatures consumed by their own vanity. They patrol Tartarus waiting for hapless victims to douse with their burning flames.
Undead knights armed and armored with the best the Hellforge Smith has to offer. Special shields and swords makes them some of the toughest enemies.
Large Obsidian drones that patrol the innermost sanctums of the Pandemonium fortress. They have have an array of attacks and can call in backup when injured.
Hellforge apprentice
Apprentices of the Hellforge Smith, they have similar powers to their masters, but still have a long way to go until they reach his level.
Hellforge smith
The master of the Hellforge and lord of his Pandemonium fortress domain, the Hellsmith is the ultimate power within his precinct of the abyss.
This giant monstrosity lead the invasion to Earth and killed all your buddies. Armed with chainguns and a BFG9000, do not add yourself to his fragged-list.
What happens when you take two cyberdemons and merge them into a single creature and add some homing rockets?
Small miniature version of the cacodemons, these quick orange orbs spit high-speed projectiles.
Long ago, these green-skinned creatures were imps. Mutated by eons of exposure to Acherons toxins, they now throw venomous projectiles instead of balls of fire.
Upgraded with cybernetics, these relatives of the baron of Hell boast a mini-rocket launcher and can take quite a beating.
Hades elemental
These flying monstrosities are able to fire different electrical attacks, as well as spit out the deadly Hades spheres.
Anagorak cultist
Lowest ranking members of the Cult of the Anagorak, these denizens only know the most basic of spells. Still, they are tougher than they appear.
Anagorak priest
Granted magic talismans that greatly enhance their powers, these dark priests levitate and can attack with devastating force.
Anagorak disciple
Composed of the inner circles of the cult, the disciples are second only to their dark master. Their powers are far greater than their lesser henchmen.
Dark avatar
The master of the Cult of the Anagorak, this former human has been twisted by his exposure to the forces of Hell. Needless to say, he is the most powerful.
Stronger and tougher, these enhanced imps are far more ferocious than their lesser kin.
Loyal pets and powerful predators of Tartarus, these hounds are quick on their feet and attacks with a ferocious bite.
Undead constructs built from the rotting remains of demons. They launch venomous projectiles and explode into a toxic cloud when killed.
Double chaingunner
A heavy weapons dude packing twice the amount of firepower, best to pick these off as quickly as possible.
The Core
Connecting our reality with that of the demons, The Core employs tentacles for protection, which it can regenerate if they are killed, and can also spawn enemies all around the arena.
These creatures have a large eye at their tip and can shoot a variety of fireballs. They protect the Core and can be regenerated by it.

Items and power-ups[edit]

Replenishes 20 HP.
Replenishes 100 HP.
Plate shield
Gives 25 armor bonus.
Ghost shield
Gives 50 armor bonus.
Demon shield
Gives 100 armor bonus.
Bone armor
Gives 100 armor; armor reduces damage by 33%.
Blood bonus
Gives 5 HP; up to 200.
Gives 300 armor bonus; armor reduces damage by 75%.
Doom sphere
This item powers-up your hell-weapons, making them much more powerful. Lasts 45 seconds. (Similar to Heretic's Tome of Power)
Phantom sphere
This item makes you ethereal, allowing your to pass through most missiles without taking damage. Splash, melee, soul, and curses still affect you, however. Lasts 60 seconds.
This item gives you 300 health and 300 gigaarmor points; armor shaves of the 75% damage.
Hell sphere
This item makes cuts all damage you take in half, and makes you immune to splash and environmental damage. Lasts until map ends or you die.
Carnage sphere
This item multiplies your damage dealt by 400%, lasting 45 seconds. (Similar to Skulltag's "doomsphere")
Protector sphere
This item reduces the damage you take by 400%, lasting 45 seconds. (Similar to Skulltag's "guardsphere")
Demon vision
This item allows you to see in dark areas. Lasts 60 seconds.
Phobos sphere
This item makes monsters fear you, forcing them run away and attack much less. Lasts 50 seconds.
Green skull key
A new type of key.
White skull key
A new type of key.
Black skull key
A new type of key.

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