Demon control grenade


A demon control grenade pick-up.
Barons infighting as a result of using the demon control grenade.

The demon control grenade is an equipment item and weapon in Doom (2016) which is only available in its SnapMap mode. Its pick-up appears as a green version of the siphon grenade contained within a metallic frame that is shaped in the form of a triangular prismatic pentagram. The demon control grenade launches a dark purple-and-black projectile that flies straight through the air and, if it strikes a monster, changes that monster's team to match the activator's team. This causes it to behave as a friendly monster, and it will begin to attack and be attacked by other monsters.

By default, friendly monsters converted by the demon control grenade will have health bars and a point-of-interest icon, but these can be toggled off in the gameplay settings object by the map author. The monsters converted by the demon control grenade will remain loyal to the player until they die.

Like other side-arm equipment items, the demon control grenade has unlimited use and is balanced by its recharge timer. It can either be placed in a map for a player to find and collect, or it can be specified in a player loadout object and then applied to players either at map start or in response to an event.