Destructible demons


An arachnotron in one of the stages of destruction. Note the destroyed plasma turret.

Destructible demons is a new gore system featured in Doom Eternal, first featured in the QuakeCon keynote presentation on August 10, 2018.


Destructible demons is a visual and mechanical system in which enemies dynamically reflect the amount and types of damage they receive from the Doom Slayer. A prototypical version of this system appeared in Doom (2016) with fewer amounts of damageable parts, and even fewer game-play affecting interactions.

Most of the damage reflected in this way is purely aesthetic (e.g. chunks of flesh blown off to expose gore and bone), but certain weak spots will both take extra damage and disable enemy attacks if targeted specifically. This changes how the game plays by adding the ability to cripple certain weapons available to enemies, making them useless to that particular demon and forcing them to adopt less threatening attack patterns.

The precision bolt mod for the heavy cannon, the shotgun's sticky bombs, and the ballista all do bonus damage to weak spots, allowing parts to be broken faster. Weak points in general are also vulnerable to the plasma rifle's heat blast mod and the blood punch.

Demons possessed by a spirit cannot have their weak points destroyed.

Notable destructible parts[edit]

Doom (2016)[edit]

  • Pinky: The pinky's new cranial armor plates can be blown off via the usage of high-yield angled explosives (direct hits seem to be less effective). When the armor is destroyed, the pinky loses its frontal damage reduction. This interaction is not present on spectres and was removed altogether in Doom Eternal.
  • Cacodemon: The cacodemon's eye can be destroyed via concentrated damage, such as that from the heavy assault rifle's tactical scope mod. When this is done, the demon will fire out a volley of plasma balls in random directions before finally dying. This interaction was removed in Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal[edit]

  • Arachnotron: The arachnotron's plasma turret can be destroyed, forcing it to rely only on its grenades and claw swipes.
  • Mancubus: Breaking the mancubus's cannons prevents it from using its flamethrower attack and makes its fireballs smaller.
  • Cyber-mancubus: Its armor can be destroyed by the blood punch, causing it to take more damage from attacks.
  • Revenant: The rocket launchers can be shot off, depriving the revenant of its primary mode of attack and forcing it to fight on the ground.
  • Icon of Sin: Defeating the Icon of Sin requires the destruction of its eight targetable body parts in two stages- the first stage breaks its armor while the second stage destroys its flesh to expose the gore and bones underneath.

The tyrant enemy was also intended to have a weakpoint located within its arm cannon, however this was removed late into development. Late enough, that it can be modded back in with relative ease. When destroyed, the tyrant's missile rain and laser attacks are disabled. The exact reason for its removal is unknown.