Deus Vult


Deus Vult
Title screen
Author Huy Pham
Port Limit-removing
Year 2004
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward.png This mod was a runner-up for the 2004 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Deus Vult is a four-level PWAD for limit removing source ports created by Huy "Doom Marine" Pham and released on May 28, 2004. A bonus fifth level contains all previous four combined as a single map. The WAD has a reputation of being extremely hard, in the slaughter style of Hell Revealed, but with more detailed levels. It was a named a runner-up in the first Cacowards.

A sequel, Deus Vult II, was released in 2008.


Deus Vult is a highly modified version of 1SQUARES.WAD by Costa Lappas. Most battles take place in makeshift "arenas" with cliffs, teleporters or hallways separating each area. This is also true of 1SQUARES.WAD, with doors being the "separators" between rooms. The first battles feature monsters at the player's eye level, with increasing height differences as the player progresses, as well as the areas and monster counts growing ever larger with each wave.



MAP02 of Deus Vult

Deus Vult is contained in a zip file called It is 6,346,017 bytes in size and contains 24 files, with a full set of Ultra-Violence demos (for PrBoom and ZDoom):

Size Name
218,738 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV01-UVMAX2.lmp
1,788 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV01-UVMAX2.txt
552,158 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV02-UVMAX2.lmp
2,964 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV02-UVMAX2.txt
147,194 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV03-UVMAX2.lmp
2,856 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV03-UVMAX2.txt
366,574 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV04-UVMAX2.lmp
5,196 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV04-UVMAX2.txt
112,606 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV04-UVMAX3.lmp
2,889 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV04-UVMAX3.txt
50,802 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV01-UVMAX1.lmp
3,124 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV01-UVMAX1.txt
12,756 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV02-UV-DRUNKENRETARDED.lmp
412 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV02-UV-DRUNKENRETARDED.txt
19,184 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV02-UVMAX1.lmp
2,072 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV02-UVMAX1.txt
61,336 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV03-UVMAX1.lmp
2,902 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV03-UVMAX1.txt
11,898 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV04-UVMAX1.lmp
2,663 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV04-UVMAX1.txt
1,089 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/The Last Word.txt
164 05-25-2004.txt
15,579,841 DV.wad
13,641 DV.txt

It has the following hashes:

Hash type Hash code
MD5 b681dd6e9533a425e72c6d038b7f4193
SHA-1 dbb2a3810554537c3cee92f26a44308bc9a17ceb
CRC-32 8de4aee3


  • There exists a Joke WAD modification of Deus Vult titled Deus Vult Zero, which received mixed responses upon its release in 2009.

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