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Doom (2016) multiplayer levels

Disposal is a multiplayer level in Doom (2016), one of the nine original stock multiplayer maps. Bethesda describes the level as a smaller map which serves as the main waste processing facility for the UAC research and residential complexes; given its purpose, it is also full of radioactive slime.[1]


Disposal includes a mixture of open areas and passages, and many of them span two floors. The slime pit in the middle of the level inflicts damage over time when stood in, and can only be safely traversed using the walkway that runs through it; some slime barrels have also been scattered around the level that will spread damaging slime over the floor when shot. There is a chasm in one corner of the level that has some circular platforms inside it - falling into the chasm results in instant death. The chainsaw will often spawn here.

On deathmatch, an Invisibility powerup spawns in a room with a circular dais and overhead windows, and a mega health spawns in a nearby chamber containing a semi-circular barricade.

Areas / screenshots[edit]


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