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Title screen
Authors Bryant and Kevin Robinson
Port ZDoom
Year 2002
Link Doomshack

Dissolution is a seven-map set for Doom II and the ZDoom source port, created by Bryant Robinson (Gunrock) and Kevin Robinson (The Solution) and originally released in 2002. It is a spin-off of the authors' previous project, Project Slipgate, and features themes similar to the latter half of that project, as the levels are set in gothic locales heavily inspired by Quake and Hexen II. The mod utilizes sounds from the PlayStation version of Doom as well as several graphics taken from Doom 64.

In 2020, Gunrock released Dissolution: Remastered, which despite the name is a remake of the project containing fewer maps. Despite this, it replaced the original /idgames archive release, making the original unavailable on that platform starting from 2020.


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