Codebase DOOM.EXE, Doom2-plus 1.92.6
Developer(s) Andrey Budko (entryway)
Initial release 1.92.1 (2007-04-01, 16 years ago)
Latest release 1.92.2 (2007-04-01, 16 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C, Assembly
Target Platform DOS

Doom-plus, also known as Doom+ or DoomP, is an executable hack created by Andrey Budko (entryway). It is derived from The Ultimate Doom version of DOOM.EXE v1.9 and provides significantly increased static limits to reduce the risk of crashes, premature program exits and certain visual problems, while maintaining full compatibility with the original executable. It allows several WADs to be playable in the vanilla engine that previously required a limit-removing source port to be run.

Its exact file name is DOOMP.EXE.


Entryway released Doom-plus 1.92.1 on April 1 2007, in the same thread as where Doom2-plus was announced, in this Doomworld forums post. Relying on analysis of the released Doom source code and using the Hiew hex editor, Entryway raised several static limits in the stock executable. In the first release, all the raised limits featured in Doom2-plus 1.92.6 were included.

A second and last release followed on the same day fixing some minor issues.


M. Phoenix Dailey (Archy) later created his own executable hack for Final Doom based on Doom-plus 1.92.2, called Final Doom-plus or FDoomP.

Raised limits[edit]

Due to being based off Doom2-plus 1.92.6, the same changes were applied to Doom-plus. As such the following static limits are raised in Doom-plus:

limit                         : old    * k   = new
visplanes[MAXVISPLANES]       : 128    * 8   = 1024
drawsegs[MAXDRAWSEGS]         : 256    * 8   = 2048
SAVEGAMESIZE                  : 180224 * 16  = 2883584
activeplats[MAXPLATS]         : 30     * 256 = 7680
vissprites[MAXVISSPRITE]      : 128    * 8   = 1024
linespeciallist[MAXLINEANIMS] : 64     * 256 = 16384
openings[MAXOPENINGS]         : 16384  * 4   = 65536

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