Doom: Annihilation weapons


The 2019 motion picture Doom: Annihilation uses an array of conventional firearms, futuristic rifle props, and completely science-fiction plasma-based weaponry.


Beretta 92FS[edit]

Sergeant Logan Akua is seen with a Beretta 92FS in a promotional photo. While he is not clearly seen with it in the film itself, it appears to be in his hip holster.

Beretta M9A1[edit]

Private Steven Winslow carries a Beretta M9A1 as his sidearm. Lieutenant Joan Dark briefly takes this weapon and dual-wields it along with her P22 as well.


Captain Hector Savage carries a Glock 19 with an attached flashlight as his side-arm. Another third-generation Glock, possibly a model 17 or 22, is carried by a zombified security officer who attacks Rance.

Heckler & Koch P30[edit]

Private Li Chen carries a P30 as her side-arm. She loses the weapon almost immediately after drawing it from the holster due to fighting with a zombie.

Walther P22[edit]

The Walther P22 semi-automatic pistol equipped with a laser sight is wielded as a side-arm by multiple characters, including Joan Dark, Veronica, and Malcolm Betruger. Rance is also seen holding one in a promotional shot, though is never clearly seen wielding it in the movie - he does seem to have it in his hip holster, however. Though the P22 is a .22 calibre weapon, the film portrays it as much more powerful, blasting large holes in targets.


M4 and AR[edit]

Two different futuristic rifles appear which are apparently based on the M4A1 carbine and the Colt AR-15, with the primary difference being the barrel length. Joan Dark carries a 16-inch barreled version, which she later gives to Bennett Stone after acquiring the BFG9000. Other characters, including Captain Hector Savage, Chaplain Glover, Private Carley Corbin, and Harry carry the longer version with a barrel somewhere around 20 inches in length. Excepting the barrel length, the futuristic housings built for the prop weapons are mostly identical, with a barrel shroud, large thumbhole stocks having a lower receiver holding a rail with attached flashlight, and two separate picatinny rails on top with the rearmost holding C-MORE Railway Series red dot sights. These weapons utilize a STANAG magazine.


Winslow and Rance wield futuristic assault rifles mocked up on the frame of full-size AK-47, while Li wields a similar but much shorter rifle which seems to have no stock, making it similar to a Zastava M92. All of these rifles have an EOTech holographic sight and an angled foregrip, and utilize Tapco AK magazines. The firing pattern of the weapons is suggestive of civilian semi-automatic fire rather than the fully automatic gearing that would normally be expected for military applications.


Tarek's bulky futuristic rifle is not clearly based on any real-life weapon, and is never seen being equipped, fired, or loaded, despite being one of the two special "hero" weapon props built for the movie (the other being Akua's rotary gun). It is only clearly visible in a promotional shot. When the full rifle rack is shown on screen, it is seen in its case in the distance, but it is silently absent in the next shot where Akua remarks on Captain Savage's shotgun, suggesting that a role for Tarek in that scene may have ended up on the cutting room floor.

Super shotgun[edit]

Captain Savage equips his super shotgun.

Captain Hector Savage carries an antique twelve-gauge double-barrelled shotgun, apparently a Remington Model 1889 with shortened barrels and a sawed-off stock. It is almost identical to the super shotgun introduced in Doom II.

Rotary machine gun[edit]

Akua equips the rotary gun.

Akua wields a rotary machine gun consisting of a futuristic housing over an RPD machine gun. It features three barrels which are stationary, though sound effects are used in the film to imply that they spin when the weapon is fired. Only the RPD magazine and its well are clearly recognizable. It is one of two special "hero" weapon props built for the movie, the other being Tarek's rifle.


Joan Dark acquires the BFG9000 just before the film's conclusion from a restricted UAC experimental weapon storage cache. It fires a large green burst of plasma which moves as a solid projectile and can kill any target in one hit. Unlike the games' versions of the BFG, there is no apparent area-of-effect indirect damage to other targets, however. The weapon prop does not resemble any real-world guns. It features electronic lighting, a display screen, and a working magwell for loading ammunition in the form of plasma canisters.

Plasma grenades[edit]

Along with the BFG, Joan acquires three plasma grenades. These are circular metallic cans capped over with a version of the UAC logo supported by three metal bands that wrap around the sides of the grenade. When thrown, the grenades light up and change shape. They explode in a gigantic green flash of plasma similar to that of the BFG, causing a wide area of damage which eliminates the entire demonic horde that is chasing Joan toward the portal as she escapes from Hell. The force of this explosion is enough to carry Joan across a deep gap in a form of rocket jump. The grenades come in their own belt.


During the battle with zombies in the maintenance area, Joan pulls a chainsaw from a cache of tools and uses it to dispatch several zombies. It is nearly identical to the chainsaw used in the games. Unlike the games, however, the presence of a chainsaw on the Phobos base is likely justified by the presence of the arboretum, an area where trees are grown for purposes of air recycling and food production.