Doom: Knee Deep in the Dead diorama


Diorama as viewed from front left.

The Doom: Knee Deep in the Dead diorama is a hand-finished, hand-painted, limited edition polystone resin sculpture created by under commission from Bethesda and id Software. It was available in two different variations, with the "Exclusive Edition" featuring a light-up base with slow pulse LED lighting to simulate the look of flowing lava.

"Based on the classic DOOM box cover art, the diorama depicts the Space Marine in a life and death battle with demons from hell, armed only with his wits and his trusty sidearm. This is an epic center piece to any DOOM collection!"
― official description


The diorama, sculpted by artist Siamak Roshani, depicts the central details of the original Doom cover art as illustrated by Don Ivan Punchatz. Nine independent pieces, including the Doom marine, five enemy monsters, and detachable bullet effects attach magnetically to the diorama's base or to each other. The assembled diorama is approximately 12.5 inches tall and 17 inches wide. Each diorama came packed in an attractive full-color box and included a plastic validation card bearing the piece number and a unique identifier for collection purposes.

The dioramas were limited to 750-piece runs, and are largely sold out as of September 2015, limiting availability to the second-hand market in most regions. The original retail price of the dioramas were US $374.99 for the basic edition, and $399.99 for the exclusive edition.

The exclusive edition's LED lighting feature is powered by two AA batteries.


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