Doom: Scarydarkfast


Front cover.

Doom: Scarydarkfast (usually stylized as DOOM: SCARYDARKFAST) is a book written by Dan Pinchbeck in 2013. It was published by University of Michigan Press (ISBN 978-0472051915) in the Landmark Video Games series. It is also available online as a free e-book. Pinchbeck examines Doom's development process, carefully analyzes the level design of all maps and the way it affects a first-time player's experience, and takes a look at the modding, multiplayer, and speed-running culture that has sprung up around Doom and first-person gaming in general.


Identifier Data
Dewey Decimal 794.8
ISBN-10 ISBN 0472051911
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-0472051915; ISBN 978-0472071913; ISBN 978-0472028931 (ebook)
Library of Congress Control Number 2012042610
Open Library ID OL25978041M

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