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Doom: Totally Unauthorized Tips & Secrets is a book written by Robert E. Waring and published on May 1, 1994, by Brady Games. The book is a 118-page strategy guide; "totally unauthorized" refers to the fact that it is not officially licensed by id Software. The front cover highlights the US $9.95 price, which at the time of publishing was half the price of the official strategy guide.

A revised edition with 160 pages was later published on September 1, 1995, as Ultimate Doom: Totally Unauthorized Tips & Secrets, covering episode 4, Thy Flesh Consumed.


"Loaded with hundreds of blood-splattering tips, tricks and secret codes to pulverize your opponent! This limb-ripping, bone-crushing combat guide is the ultimate weapon for your survival."
― Back cover description


  • What is DOOM?: Description of Doom as a game and what makes it unique compared to earlier games. Much of the text is cribbed from chapters 2 and 3 of the Official Doom FAQ.
  • The DOOM Story
  • Installing DOOM: Hardware requirements to run Doom. Largely cribbed from chapter 7 of the Doom FAQ.
  • Doom Controls: How to use the status bar, menus and automap and how to navigate around in the game.
  • Weapons, Ammo and Monsters... Oh My!: Descriptions and pictures of the weapons, ammo, monsters and other powerups.
  • The Secrets of DOOM: Annotated maps of every level of registered Doom (Thy Flesh Consumed had not yet been released) giving the location of every secret in the game.
  • DOOM Cheat Codes: The cheat codes.
  • Networks and DOOM: How to set up a LAN multiplayer game. Much of the content is cribbed from chapter 8 of the Doom FAQ.
  • Modem / Serial DOOM: How to establish a dial-up or null-modem multiplayer game. There is also a description of the IHHD system.
  • Fun with DOOM - the Add-On Programs: A short list of a few add-on mods and tools.
  • Troubleshooting DOOM: List of common technical problem and how to solve them, though this is intermixed with other non-technical problems, such as "Doom is too hard" and "Doom is too violent".
  • Who Created Doom?: Brief description of the id Software staff and how to obtain a copy of Doom.
  • Worldwide DOOM Players Looking for Modern Opponents: Contact details for various people around the world who were playing multiplayer Doom in 1994.
  • Index


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Dewey Decimal 793.932
ISBN-10 ISBN 156686187X
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-1566861878
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The book is alternately listed in some places (including the Doom FAQ) under the name Killer DOOM: Tips & Tricks. It's not known if the book's title was changed prior to publishing.

Translated editions[edit]

Language Title Co-author(s) / translation Publisher Year ISBN
Japanese 完全攻略DOOMシークレツトブツク (Kanzen kōryaku DOOM shīkurettobukku) Shōeisha Technical Core Translation 翔泳社 (Shōeisha Co., Ltd.)

The Japanese edition included a shareware CD-ROM with the DOS/V and PC-98 editions of Doom for Japan.

Ultimate Doom: Totally Unauthorized Tips & Secrets[edit]

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Dewey Decimal 794.8
ISBN-10 ISBN 1566864380
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-1566864381
Open Library ID OL9786682M


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