Codebase GLHeretic, Final Doom 1.9
Developer(s) Michaël Ryssen (Kokak)
Initial release 0.08 (1999-04-27, 25 years ago)
Latest release 1.1 (2006-12-30, 17 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform Windows
License Doom Source License

DoomGL is an OpenGL source port of Doom by Michaël Ryssen (Kokak), based on GLHeretic by the same author. It features an OpenGL 1.1 based renderer with support for 3D models and colored lighting, among various other improvements.

DoomGL was the basis for ZDoomGL (v1) and DoomGLES for mobile devices.


The first released version was 0.08, on 27th of April 1999. After corona support was introduced in 0.5, MD2 model support was added with version 0.6, released on June 27, 1999. Dynamic lighting support followed with the next version, 0.7, released July 8, 1999. Support for 3dfx's Voodoo cards utilizing the MiniGL driver got introduced in 0.71, which did not require Glide.

After releasing version 1.0 on September 9, 1999, development was abandoned in favor of ZDoomGL (v1) because the ZDoom codebase incorporated several features that DoomGL did not, such as Hexen and DeHackEd support. A final update followed seven years later as a patch, with version 1.1 on December 30, 2006.


  • OpenGL 1.1 based renderer supporting:
    • Dynamic and colored lighting
    • Coronas
    • Support for 3D models in MD2 format
    • Transparent MD2 models
  • Support for high resolutions
  • Colormap support for invincibility, radiation suit and full light
  • Mouselook support
  • Joystick support
  • TCP/IP network code that is cross-platform and cross-version compatible with DoomPC and DoomPPC
  • Various bugs fixed

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