DoomGL is an OpenGL source port of Doom by Michaël Ryssen (Kokak), based on GLHeretic by the same author. DoomGL was the basis for ZDoomGL and also for DoomGLES for mobile devices.


DoomGL exhibits several new features:

  • Dynamic and colored lighting
  • Coronas
  • Mouselook support
  • Support for high resolutions
  • Support for 3D models in MD2 format


The first released version was 0.08, on 27th of April 1999. MD2 model support was added with version 0.6, released on June 27, 1999. Dynamic lighting support followed with the next version, 0.7, released July 8, 1999.

After releasing version 1.0 on September 9, 1999, development was abandoned in favor of ZDoomGL. A final update followed 7 years later as a patch, as version 1.1 on December 30, 2006.


Alongside DoomGL 1.1, Ryssen released a version without OpenGL support (but with all other improvements), called DoomPC. The first and last version was 1.0, released December 30, 2006.

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