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Doom (tentative working title) is a film being created by the direct-to-video studio Universal 1440 Entertainment, and directed and written by Tony Giglio.[1] Principal photography began in May 2018 on location in Bulgaria,[2] and production wrapped as of June 5.[3] News of the film first leaked on April 17, 2018, when actress Nina Bergman posted on Twitter that she had been cast in a role.[4] Universal 1440 almost immediately provided confirmation of the film's production status to Variety.[1] Due to the nature of other releases by Universal 1440, the movie is expected to debut on DVD or on digital streaming services such as Netflix. IMDb currently lists a tentative release date of May 17, 2019.[5]

Preliminary information[edit]

Details revealed by cast and crew thus far indicate that the movie will center around the actions of a squadron of space marines investigating a UAC facility called the Phobos Compound. Location shots in Prohodna cave suggest some action may be set on the surface of Mars, on Phobos, or in Hell. Futuristic weapons have been seen among the props. The interior sets seem to carry an abstract, angular look with bold, primary colors possibly inspired by the Classic Doom aesthetic. Space marines again wear black combat armor, probably inspired by the look of the Z-Sec in Doom 3 and the design choices made for members of the RRTS in the prior movie.

Actor Dominic Mafham has confirmed that his character is named Dr. Betruger, after the Doom 3 villain. Other posts also seem to indicate that the character played by Louis Mandylor is a priest or preacher, confirming that Hellish overtones will be present in the plot for this film, unlike its predecessor.

According to the director, the movie is not a sequel to the prior film, making it effectively a reboot within the cinematic universe which, also according to Giglio, is aiming to be a "faithful adaptation" of the original source material with plot points taken from the original Doom instruction manual.[6][7] Demons will be featured as the movie's antagonists.[8] The character of the Doom Slayer is also supposed to appear in some form.[9]

Unconfirmed details[edit]

Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

A casting video posted by actor Akie Kotabe for the role of a scientist or engineer named Koji posted on vimeo in February 2018 contains some details which have yet to be confirmed by other sources. As it is unconfirmed that Kotabe was cast in the film, and it is possible for details of screenplay scripts to change during the shooting of a film, this information has to be taken with a degree of caution.[10]

  • The Phobos base is divided into four main sections on two levels. An arboretum is mentioned as a key location, which has been seen in photographs taken by other actors.
  • Phobos is one of the most unstable known locations in the solar system.
  • Teleportation will play a key role in the plot, as expected from other revealed details.
  • An ancient civilization existed on Phobos, similar to the ancient Martian civilization from Doom 3, which used a language related to Sumerian. As in Doom 3, it is suggested this civilization had contact with Earth in the ancient past.
  • The BFG9000 will appear, with an official expansion of "Baryon Fusion Gun," though the character immediately mentions that the R&D department referred to their "crown jewel" weapon project internally as the "Big Fucking Gun."
Spoilers end here.


  • Clayton Adams as Winslow[5][11]
  • Chidi Ajufo as Akua[5]
  • Luke Allen-Gale as Dr. Bennett Stone[11]
  • Nina Bergman as Carley
  • Gavin Brocker as Harry[5]
  • James Weber Brown as Captain Hector Savage[5]
  • Amer Chadha-Patel as Rance[12]
  • Dominic Mafham as Dr. Betruger[13]
  • Louis Mandylor as Chaplain[5]
  • Amy Manson as Joan Dark[2]
  • Jemma Moore as Li[5][14]
  • Katrina Nare as Veronia[5]
  • Arkie Reece as Tarek[5][15]


  • Special effects house Autonomous FX is slated to work on effects and monster designs.[2]


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