Doom 2D - Knee deep in the dead


Screenshot of E1M4 in Doom 2D - Knee deep in the Dead

Doom 2D - Knee deep in the Dead is a fan-based 2D sidescrolling clone of the original Doom. The current version, however, only has 1 episode and no multiplayer options. You can also not save or load the game.

To keep the real Doom experience, there is a lightning engine built-in to the game, to give it that old, not-being-able-to-see-everything look & feel.

Visual styles and monsters[edit]

All creatures from the original Doom appear in Doom 2D, as Doom 2D utilizes the monster sprites (and others, such as object sprites) ripped from the original Doom. The difference, of course, is that in Doom 2D the creatures are mostly seen from the side (as opposed to the front, as it is in Doom) due to the different perspective. Most of the game's foreground and background elements were as well extracted from Doom, as were the sound effects.


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