Doom 2 Extreme Gold


Doom 2 Extreme Gold
Title screen
Author Chuck Lai
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 1997
Link Doom Wad Station

Doom 2 Extreme Gold is a 32-level total conversion for Doom II released on August 12, 1997 by Chuck Lai. It was the sequel to Doom II X-Treme, which was released the previous year. It is the fourth and final entry in Lai's X-series (Doom2X and Ultra Doom2X were the first and second, respectively).

Like the original, weapon and monster tweaks were performed by Lai, while the levels were taken from Final Doom, Memento Mori II and other community releases.

Doom2X Engine[edit]

Like Doom II X-Treme, Extreme Gold relies on an extensive DeHacked patch that significantly changes the behavior of both weapons and monsters. Similar to The Sky May Be, this was called an "engine" named Doom2X. To further give off the impression of an actual engine, at the loading sequence, the following text is displayed:

DOOM2X-TREME GOLD (Doom2X v.1.69) running off of DOOM 2: Hell On Earth

The ENDOOM screen has the following additional text:

DOOM2X-Treme GOLD (Doom2X version 1.69)

The original release of Doom 2 Extreme Gold relied on a hardcoded (and illegal) version of DOOM2.EXE with the DeHacked patch built in, called D2XGOLD.EXE. In the early 2000's an updated release of Doom 2 Extreme Gold was made that supplied the DeHacked patch as a separate file and which removed the illegal executable.


Custom weapons[edit]

  • Fists
  • Deathblade
  • Pistols
  • Shotgun
  • Auto shotgun
  • Highspeed chainguns
  • Electro-magnetic railgun
  • Explosive Tip Rifle
  • Technoblade

Custom monsters[edit]

  • Soldier - this replaces the zombieman. It has 75 hit points.
  • Chaingun Sargent - this replaces the heavy weapon dude. It has 1250 hit points.
  • IAL - this replaces the imp. It has 1500 hit points.
  • Mystic Orb - this replaces the lost soul. It has 400 hit points.
  • The spectre has 1500 points, and can walk through walls, conversely the player can walk through them as well.
  • Black Guard - this replaces the revenant. It has 3500 hit points.
  • Technomage - this replaces the cacodemon. It has 2750 hit points.
  • Summoner - this replaces the pain elemental. It has 4000 hit points.
  • Hell Lord - this replaces the baron of Hell. It has 5500 hit points.
  • Comtar - The main villain is fought twice. On MAP29, he is a final boss replacement, similar to the prequel. In addition to spawning enemies, he also throws a volley of exploding fireballs. He has 200,000 hit points. His true form is fought in MAP30, where he resembles the Heresiarch from Hexen and fires two railgun shots which deal 500 damage each and can instantly kill even while in god mode, followed by a fireball. He has 15 million hitpoints.
  • Other monsters have their hit point values changed.

Other changes[edit]

  • The ammo limits for bullets, shotgun shells, EM-Railgun Ammo (replacing rockets), and mana (replacing energy cells) have been changed to 475, 300, 350, and 200 respectively.
  • The Technoblade only uses 2 mana per shot.
  • The megasphere is now called a darksphere, and gives the player 666% health and 666% armor.
  • The armor and megaarmor set the player's armor to 200% and 400% respectively. The latter is now called X-Armor.
  • Armor, health, keys, weapons, and ammo count toward the item percentage in the intermission screen.


Name Original map Author
MAP01: Dead Zone MAP05: Hanger (TNT: Evilution) Jim Dethlefsen
MAP02: Well of Souls
MAP03: The Gantlet Maproom at Doomworld/idgames John and Jim Jankowski
MAP04: Metal MAP19 of Tab: The Movie at Doomworld/idgames Michael Contorno
MAP05: Nukage Processing MAP28: Corporate Hell (Memento Mori II) Stephen Watson
MAP06: The Sewers MAP09: Sabbath Sewer (Memento Mori II) Mark Klem
MAP07: Lunar Mining Project MAP20: The Experiment (Memento Mori II) Alden Bates
MAP08: Central Processing MAP27: The Silos (Memento Mori II) Paul Noble
MAP09: Hunted MAP11: Hunted (The Plutonia Experiment) Dario Casali
MAP10: Steel Works
MAP11: Power Control MAP20: The Death Domain (Doom II X-Treme)
MAP12: Baron's Lair Fortress of DEATH: Improved at Doomworld/idgames Andrew Harvey
MAP13: The Temple of Darkness MAP03: The Temple (modified) in Wheel of Time Doom at Doomworld/idgames Chad Moore
MAP14: Genesis Tab29 at Doomworld/idgames Michael Contorno
MAP15: Mount Pain MAP23 of Tab: The Movie at Doomworld/idgames Michael Contorno
MAP16: Deepest Reaches Butcher at Doomworld/idgames (predecessor of
MAP09: Abattoire (The Plutonia Experiment))
Milo Casali
MAP17: Onslaught Dante's Gate v2.5 John Anderson (Dr. Sleep)
MAP18: Neurosphere
MAP19: Ghost Town MAP29: Odyssey of Noises (The Plutonia Experiment) Milo Casali
MAP20: The Gateway of Hell MAP04: The Ways in Wheel of Time Doom at Doomworld/idgames Chad Moore
MAP21: Deepest Reaches Crossing Acheron v2.0 John Anderson (Dr. Sleep)
MAP22: The Catacombs
MAP23: Realm MAP07: Heart Of The Stone in Wheel of Time Doom at Doomworld/idgames Chad Moore
MAP24: The Omen MAP22 of Tab: The Movie at Doomworld/idgames Michael Contorno
MAP25: Redemption MAP07 of Tab: The Movie at Doomworld/idgames Michael Contorno
MAP26: Ballistyx MAP04: Ratamahatta (Memento Mori II) Florian Helmberger
MAP27: Abattoire MAP29: Kings of Metal (Memento Mori II) Jens Nielsen
MAP28: Heck
MAP29: Cyberden MAP30: Last Call (TNT: Evilution) (modified);
another variant is MAP30: Last Call (Doom II X-Treme)
Jimmy Sieben
MAP30: Last Call
MAP31: The Final Frontier E1M1 of The Death Star at Doomworld/idgames Matt Falk
MAP32: Prison E1M2 of The Death Star at Doomworld/idgames Matt Falk

Built-in demos[edit]

This WAD features three built-in demos. All require Doom II v1.9 to view them. The demo levels are:

Demo Level Skill Tics Length
DEMO1 MAP03: The Gantlet 3 3280 1:33.71
DEMO2 MAP14: Genesis 3 2017 0:57.63
DEMO3 MAP26: Ballistyx 3 3997 1:54.20

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